When you have the opportunity to provide training for a team of people, the energy you put in to that presentation should not make a difference whether you are in front of 20, 100 or 2,000. Everyone in the audience is looking to connect and engage in the lessons/training you are providing.  I made a 1,600 mile driving journey over the last several days to the finer “tropical” destinations of St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City, Wichita and Tulsa.

“Scott Huse brought amazing amounts of enthusiasm, positive energy and insight to our state board recently. His leadership style assessment was incredibly accurate and provided us direction on how to better work cohesively as a group. His positive attitude and energy levels were contagious and his presentation was engaging throughout. I look forward to his return to Illinois in the future!”

Jennifer DeFranco, Membership/Marketing, Illinois PTA (Board of Managers Meeting)