A week ago, Scott, and soon to be 20 of his best friends, met up in Cincinnati, OH for a weekend of training and certification with Monster.com’s Making It Count organization. It was intense and fun to be with so many professional speakers.  As of Friday, Scott received the official word that he is certified to “Edutain” both of the high school programs: Making Your College Search Count (focused on Juniors in high school) and Making your College and Career Count (focused on Seniors in high school).  The 40 min. presentations are content rich and very effective for the students.  Guidance Counselors and Administration will see the immediate impact from the content.  Go to Making It Count to read the story about the founder.

If you are interested in having these presentations delivered to your student body, contact Making It Count to register.  There is NO cost to the students or the school.  It is presented for FREE.