Scott had the privilege of attending his first Toastmasters chapter meeting this week in Conway, AR. While he has presented at a Toastmasters Regional conference a couple years ago, he hadn’t attended a local chapter meeting.  Hewlett-Packard (HP) has an office with over 1,200 employees in Conway.  Scott was invited to present for the current HP chapter that resides on their campus.  If you haven’t attended or been a part of Toastmasters, it may be right for you.  “Toastmasters is a learn-by-doing workshop in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a friendly atmosphere.”

Follow this one for a second, Scott’s friend’s son works for HP and is the current President of the chapter.  He asked Scott if he wouldn’t mind stopping by to attend the meeting and then conduct a short presentation for the group.  Scott said after the program, “It seemed to be the perfect storm for me after hearing the first two speeches delivered that day on Social Selling/Calling and Fear Management.  It all has to do with communication and people skills.  After the 2nd speech I presented for less than 10 minutes on the DISC personality profile and was able to tie in the success points of different personalities.  We were able to incorporate many points brought in by the previous speeches since they were talking about the specific skills needed within roles filled by people. ”

As always, Scott’s gifts are energy and passion when he communicates with a group.  “It was encouraging to see brand new employees sitting alongside veterans being challenged to standup and speak on a prepared or spontaneous topic.  As someone in the industry that has the opportunity to be considered a professional in the ‘speaking business’, there is always a time and place to inspire others to know they can do it too.  I appreciated the opportunity to be a small part of their meeting.”


This side note is for the assigned Grammarian at the meeting.  The role of the Grammarian is to share the Word of the Day and to count the  (so, um, ah, alright, like, etc.) during a speech.  At the end of the meeting, the Grammarian reports on all the (so, um, ah, etc.) per person that spoke.  Scott stated, “It was a true accountability moment to learn as a presenter.”  They didn’t track Scott’s officially, but he will self-proclaim one ‘so’.   Additionally Scott wanted to share, “While I went in to the meeting with a perception of a laid back atmosphere and just a good time getting together with others, I soon learned of the gravitas for how the meeting is conducted.”