So what is the model of human behavior for the individuals on your team? That may depend on the roles and responsibilities of the team you have in place.  Recently, Scott conducted a training session in TX for Document Solutions Inc., an authorized Xerox agency.  Within this company, 70% of the team tested out as the great personality type of “D” Dominate (on the DISC personality profile).  They are both Outgoing and Task oriented.

When you think about their roles, you may not be surprised at the percentage rate.  While in society, only 10% of the average population is a Dominate type, certain roles/positions may attract and require this asset to be successful.  In this case, the largest portion of this team were territory/direct sales representatives.  In essence, they ran their own companies within the company.  To be able to achieve your goals in this position, you need to have a determined focus to stay on task and go for it!

So can people who are NOT “D” personality types also be successful?  Absolutely.  But the role you accept may require you to change and grow to develop a little more “D” in you to achieve your targets.

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