Oftentimes, you will hear the word “excellence” in the mission or motto of an organization.  What is your role as the consumer to help them to achieve the excellence they desire?  Simply provide constructive feedback both positive and negative. No one improves or keeps doing the right things consistently unless they hear back from those they serve.

Recently, I have had a  challenge with an organization that I paid for service to be provided.  I was not satisfied with how they delivered the service nor with the outcome of the service.  As I evaluated the situation, I was informed their is a process in place to appeal the outcome and to request a refund.  What have I learned from taking part in this process?

1.  No one cares more about your situation and your challenges than you do.

2. Employers need to realize that when they allow their front-line employees to be part of the appeal process, that employee may not be well versed to communicate effectively with the customer.

3.  If an appeal process is available to the customer, the organization should provide a timeline regarding when they will respond and the steps available to the consumer so that delays do not occur.

4. It’s okay to talk by phone, but it is best to receive and communicate in writing so that you have proof and documentation.

5.  It is okay to be direct, but try your best not to get angry with the person to whom you are speaking.  If they cannot resolve your issue, ask for the next person in the chain of command.   Do not forget to do #4.  Document, document, document.

As I write this post, my story has not finished, but because of the amount of documentation over 1.5 months, the timeline I was able to provide the organization about their appeal process should help them improve towards their goal of “excellence.”