Since I turned 18, I do not remember an election I did not vote in regarding my community, state or nation.  History was never a subject I enjoyed in school but through life and work experiences I have learned to appreciate the value of voting.  To be a citizen is a great responsibility.  You have the ability to determine the vision of your community.

This is my first year to ever take an active role in politics.  Monthly I attend our small city’s council meeting to learn and ask questions.  I have found a candidate for governor that I believe in and trust he will move the State of Arkansas in the right direction.  The Constitution of the USA and personal responsibility are core principles that must be maintained for our nation to be what the founders meant for it to be.

There will never be a perfect candidate, but it is time we had representatives at all levels for the people and not for themselves.  I think that the light of accountability will be even stronger in the coming years.