fpu logoOne of the joys I have is being a volunteer coordinator for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  This 9 week class is held by my church at an offsite location.  From January until March, couples and individuals committed every Thursday evening to learn personal finance principles. For some, they were already using these strategies with their income while others were in debt from credit cards, college, car and home equity loans.

The photo you see below is our graduation night.  Not only did the class receive education on how to effectively setup a zero-based budget but also how to payoff debt utilizing the debt snowball.  There is much more to the class beyond these two points and you can learn about them at Dave Ramsey’s website.

(In the photo you will see all graduates holding one of the following a 100 Grand or PayDay candy bar.  The ultimate personal finance graduation gift.)

fpu winter 2014_renamed_30378