scott head 1 cropScott Huse is NOT perfect, which means he is full of experience! It was gaining these life lessons that caused the headaches for his parents, teachers and authority figures alike. Though Scott barely made it through high school, he didn’t shy away from hard work , having started his first company in his early teens.   Scott made a commitment to athletics and education and went on to graduate from college.  He began pursuing his goals in corporate life through sales and marketing as a “legal drug pusher”.  Sorry, “pharmaceutical rep”.  Then he overlapped that knowledge in to the health insurance industry and became a Regional Sales Manager responsible for millions of dollars in annual revenue.

As Scott learned to follow his heart and God’s plan for his life, he had to make some of those uncomfortable, close the door behind you decisions along the way.  For three years, Scott led a national organization focused on increasing father involvement in schools to the tune of nearly 30,000 men volunteering thru 2007.  In 2008 he became the Chief Inspirational Officer for Schools And Families Engaged (known as the S.A.F.E. TEAM on campus).  Their mission is is to support family engagement and a safe-learning environment in every school so all students can achieve academic success.  With his background in healthcare, Scott leads a marketing team for the largest health system in Northwest Arkansas affiliated with the second largest health system in the country.

As a volunteer, Scott offers his time and talents at his church for elementary ministry, Boy Scouts Troop Committee, leading a Community Group and coordinating Financial Peace University classes. Currently he sits on the board for Youth Strategies serving youth with significant barriers utilizing social enterprises.   Additionally, Scott is proud to be a blood donor for over 20 years.  His donating was inspired after his son was born premature and needed a transfusion.


Scott is a son, husband, father, leader, entrepreneur and dynamic speaker. He has been married for 23 years to his Kansas City high school sweetheart and they are raising their family in Northwest Arkansas. Scott devotes time as a father by leading his son who’s on the Autism spectrum and supporting both of his daughters as they walk through their college years.

Throughout his life, Scott has enjoyed the thrill of competition in both athletics and the business world.  Scott Huse is the president of Huse & Associates, diversified in both personal and team development. Scott’s foremost passion is inspirational speaking and training, and he looks forward to the opportunities at “making a difference.”