Scott’s clients/customers have said the following:

tds Tim Stanley, President, Total Document Solutions/Xerox Authorized (Customer Appreciation Event)
“You were FANTASTIC! TDS is now the #1 agency for attendance for the EFI event with 141 attendees!!! I think your stuff is first class!”

FBLA_logoJamie Lynn Gills (Phi Beta Lambda Executive Officer and Pre-Law) (X Hour Education Seminar)
*Scott Huse is insightful, energetic, and entertaining. His presentation on personalities was interactive, interesting, and extremely beneficial to students of any and all career paths.”

*Scott Huse’s presentation on personalities and communication helped me to further understand my personality type and gave me insight into how I can relate with others who possess different personality traits than I do.” – Erica Green, Pre-Pharmacy

*I have always been a tad insecure when it came to communicating or interacting with others who were unlike myself. After attending Scott Huse’s presentation at the University of Central Arkansas, I see myself in a new light and I have more confidence in who I am and am more prepared for handling social situations and taking on leadership roles.” -Student at University of Central Arkansas

usavballDonise King, Sr. Manager Regional Services, USA Volleyball  (National SAFE Sport Meeting)
“Our organization meets twice a year for Annual and Mid-Year meetings.  During this timeframe, all the leaders from across the United States come together for rules and regulation changes or updates as well as corporate document updates.  This year we also added a SafeSport component which has been a hot topic and very stressful for our leaders to understand and adopt to fit their regional location and members.  Scott was very helpful to bridge that gap between SafeSport and then the hectic high pressure meeting that was following that same afternoon.  He brought all these leaders together and made them laugh, think and become involved with each other on a personal level.  Helping to relieve the stress and bring them closer to each other was a tremendous help aid for the next two days of meetings that followed.  Several times during the next portion of our meeting, Scott’s name and principles were discussed and acted upon.  This was a positive and uplifting presentation that helped bring all our leaders together.  I appreciate and applaud Scott!”


2nd Presentation Jennifer Milroy, PTA Member  (Annual State Convention)
“I can’t remember the last time I encountered a speaker as engaging as Scott Huse.  Scott has a gift for getting the audience involved. Everyone in the room was up, out of their seat, moving around and participating! He was funny, charismatic and most impressively- he captured and maintained my attention right before the lunch break!”

1st Presentation Brenda Heigl, VP Leadership Development, Oklahoma PTA  (Annual State Convention)
Oklahoma PTA loves Scott Huse of S.A.F.E. TEAM.  He is truly an inspiration to everyone.  Especially to the Dads, giving them guidance on how they can become involved in their children’s lives thru PTA and other school activities.   Comments made by attendees of Scott’s workshop:  “He is Awesome!”, “Best Workshop I’ve ever attended”, “This Guy is amazing!”, “Great Presentation – speaker well informed and energetic”, “Loved it, learned a lot”

hoavb Lisa Madsen, Commissioner  (Annual Director’s Meeting)
” Thank you for speaking at our Annual Jr. Club Director’s Meeting.  Your talk was both informative and energetic.  Our members thoroughly enjoyed it.What a great way to start our meeting!”

uafs3 Jeff Adams, UAFS Director of Lifelong Learning (Monthly Training for Educators and Public)
“Hunter and Scott Huse gave a wonderful presentation to our group….humor, reality, and a relaxed presentation style was well received by the audience as they portrayed their lives together coping as a family, developing strategies, combating crises but all as a family in working with Hunter’s autism. Many successful strategies for coping with autism were offered and it was a pity that we didn’t have more time to explore these in depth, however Scott was adept at keeping things moving, while Hunter provided the proof!”

rcsdTondia M.Collier, Family Resource Center Director (Presentation/Training Series)
“Scott’s sessions are interesting, thought provoking and valuable in terms of providing good information to parents and students regarding learning and life in general. He motivates one to immediately go out and attempt to do better at whatever they are wanting to accomplish. He is someone who definitely can be a valuable tool to enhance your school’s outreach program. The Rankin County School District Family Resource Center families really enjoyed Scott. You are Awesome!!!”

arlaLoretta Edwards, Web Services Manager (Annual State Conference)
“Scott Huse is a dynamic and engaging speaker. His life skills and experiences help the participant to connect with him, making his presentations a life changing moment instead of just another speech. I gained information that helped me to understand why people act and think as they do and how to leverage that information to facilitate better communication techniques. Scott left me with a lasting impression that has challenged me to make changes in my own life that will help me be a better person and employee.”

NWA Autism logo Comments from Attendees (Monthly Support Group)

“Awesome, inspirational and convicting!  I need to be tougher and do MUCH less for our son.  I left with hope and motivation to make some changes.   Most importantly, Hunter is an amazing testimony on overcoming challenges of autism and rising to show his gift of speaking and sharing.  He is just a sweet kid.  Plus, wow, amazing eye contact as he talked to our son.   He put a huge smile on his face.     Just a great example of awesome loving parents and their commitment to not settle.   Love it!  Off my soap box now.   Thank you for offering this. “ – Melanie


“I enjoyed your presentation with your awesome son, Hunter.  It is so good to hear anecdotal evidence that we are not the only family that other people are doing the same things and have been there and done the positive steps that we all try to do.  Your son, is an inspiration to the greater community, and I hope all continues to go well for both of you and your family.  Thank you for sharing your experiences.”  -Heath

MO PTA LogoWendy Phelps-Jackson, MO PTA State President 2009-2011 (Annual State Convention)
“Scott was just what the delegates at our convention needed, after a long day of business meetings, workshops and exhibits. He was able to send a message and get us moving at the end of a long day!! I would recommend him for any group.”


Lisa Hotsenpiller, District VII FBLA Coordinator (Annual District Conference)
“Actively engaging and inspiring high school students can be a real challenge, but Scott Huse easily did this! His dynamic yet caring presentation was a highlight of our conference. Both the students and advisers in attendance raved about his presentation!”

Rachel Ford, Arkansas FBLA State Secretary, FBLA Southern Region Parliamentarian  (Annual State Officer Training)
“You were a fantastic speaker who really captured the officer’s attention.  I know that I will be using the information you taught us for many years to come.  I would like to especially thank you for helping Jamie-Lynn Gills and I prepare for our speeches at nationals.  I hope that you continue to speak at Arkansas FBLA events for many years to come. ”

walker es (Annual Staff In-Service)
Dondi Frisinger, Principal

“The presentation by Scott and Hunter Huse stirred our thinking and reflection in regard to the way we communicate and educate our students on the autism spectrum. The entire staff was thoroughly engaged. We could have listened and learned for hours!”

Joy Shirley, Assistant Principal
“Every person who is privileged to know and work with children who have Autism would benefit from the Huse’s presentation.  Hunter’s insights shed light on how his thought processes lead to his responses and reactions in life.    From a parent’s perspective, Scott was able to share the successes and challenges within a family who lives with a child on the Autism spectrum.  This family’s journey is a living testament of encouragement and dedication.”

txcitizen corpJulie Martinez, Texas Citizen Corps Manager  (Annual Texas Unites Conference)
“I had seen you speak at another conference and personally asked to get you to our conference. I wanted my attendees to experience firsthand what a true professional presenter was about. You sir, have set the bar way high for future conferences.

Your presentation was what everyone was raving about every chance they could! I only wish I could have personally stayed in the room to see what all the hoopla was about. I kid you not, attendees took every opportunity to tell me about how your session was by far the best they had been to at any conference. I would definitely love to have you come to every conference and wow them all the same.”

msasa logo Anna Hunt, Executive Director for the Mississippi Association of School Administrators  (Annual Spring Conference)
“Scott, thank you for your time and energy to present our lunchtime keynote.  Your message to our administrative leadership of “Family and Education Is the Cure” was on target with our vision to meet our goals in education.  Keep getting the message out about the value of family in student’s lives.”

iaaplogoSusana Bailey,V.P Assistant for Wal-Mart and IAAP Conference Chair  (Annual Regional Conference)
“Your presentation was the perfect mix of a serious business message, along with an  engaging, humorous  delivery.  As a host of the conference, it was really nice to enjoy a well prepared, yet spontaneous high energy session. Having attended one of your sessions previously, this once again was truly an enjoyable experience. Landing in the “personality section” that I was in, was right as rain! My personality shouts: “No worries – It will get done”! We hope to work with you again in the future. Thank you so much!”

arpta Frances Brown, PTA President 2009-2011  (Annual State Convention)
“Scott brought a sense of energy to our convention that got everyone out of their seats (literally). The personality exercises had everyone thinking about how they relate to others and enabled them to see how they needed to communicate with other personalities to be more effective. Great keynote!!”

rocklineColleen Vollbrecht, Continuous Learning and Development Manager, “We All have a Hand in Quality Conference”  (Annual)
“The training Scott provided our team yesterday was referred to multiple times today. It obviously had a big impact.  Thanks for helping make our event a success.”


1st Presentation Jennifer DeFranco, Membership/Marketing, Illinois PTA (State Board of Managers Meeting)
“Scott Huse brought amazing amounts of enthusiasm, positive energy and insight to our state board recently. His leadership style assessment was incredibly accurate and provided us direction on how to better work cohesively as a group. His positive attitude and energy levels were contagious and his presentation was engaging throughout. I look forward to his return to Illinois in the future!”

2nd Presentation Debra Strauss, PTA President 2009-2011 (Annual State Convention)
“Scott Huse brought great energy, excitement and fun as he keynoted during the Second General Session of the Illinois PTA’s 109th Convention in March.  Scott’s message was engaging and entertaining and  he had the audience up and moving as we all learned the importance of individual personalities in the scope of teams and working together.”

Picture1John Scheel, Ph.D., President, Accrediting Commission International (Annual Conference)
1st Conference:
“Scott was a wonder!  He is very good at what he does.  His classes are not just a lot of “hype” to make people laugh.  Although you may laugh and cry, his classes will have great substance as well.”

2nd Conference: “This was the second time that ACI has used Scott and he was even better the second time around! We highly recommend him to anyone.”

txschlsafetyAnonymous Attendee’s evaluation form comment, Texas School Administrators Safety Conference  (Annual)
“I was very engaged in Scott’s presentation.  I looked forward to hearing him since I saw him present in 2009 during a workshop.  I thought then he was good, but today he was great!”

neptalogoMelani Luedtke-Taylor, Immediate Past President, Nebraska PTA  (Annual Convention)
“Scott brings an instant enthusiasm to any conference or workshop. He works with you to define your goals and then delivers a spot on message. Our attendees enjoyed his spirit, wisdom and interactive delivery.”

arralogo Bill Olson, Zone 1 Board of Director, Arkansas Realtors Association  (Annual Conference)
“I very much enjoyed your class and felt that the personality analysis was dead on! That exercise would be a perfect team building exercise for any employer or association to perform in teaching them how to structure manpower to best suit the effectiveness in their business. Looking forward to going to your website to see what other interesting exercises you have. Thanks for being a participant in our convention and look forward to seeing you there again sometime!”

TDOA Logo Penny Jost, Educator, TX D.A.R.E. Officers Association  (Annual Conference)
Thanks for coming to present at the Texas DARE Officers’ Association meeting in Grapevine, Texas.  The topic for the presentation was engaging families in the school environment. The presentation was excellent.  Getting families involved in the schools as volunteers is so important. They are necessary in the education of their children.

Joan Diehl, Director of Resource Development/Program Evaluation, Community Health Centers of Arkansas (Annual Conference)
“Mr. Huse set the tone for our conference with his very informative yet entertaining keynote speech.  Our attendees enjoyed the group participation and learned how personalities can affect interpersonal communications.  I look forward to hearing Mr. Huse speak again.”

alpta al pirc Sherri Wilson, Program Chair AL PTA / Director AL PIRC (Annual Convention)
“We found the perfect speaker when we found Scott Huse of SAFE Teams. Scott was well prepared and wowed our Convention with a high energy keynote that set the perfect tone for the rest of our activities. I hope nobody else discovers him so we can bring him back to Alabama over and over again!”

nwaastd Rhiann Jerrell, Senior Leadership Specialist, Wal-Mart (Association Monthly Training)
“I have received all of our evaluations from our May event and not only did our board feel that it was a success but our members loved it!  Thank you so very much for taking time out to come and speak to our members and make this a memorable and educational meeting for them!”

ark gas assoc Terry England, Arkansas Gas Association (Annual Conference)
“I was extremely pleased with your message, and the audience participation was the highlight of the conference.  Your message “Go Make a Difference” made an impact on the entire audience.  I heard nothing but positive comments after the meeting.  I think you have found your calling.”

toastmasters Carrie Perrin-Smith, President, Soar With Eagles (Annual Conference)
“We didn’t do evaluations but I think everyone had a great time.  Thanks for lightening up our lunch session. Before you came on, it was like watching paint dry.”

nwaaa-logo-721 Jeannie Baker, Acutraq Information Services (Annual Conference)
“Scott is intelligent, entertaining, funny and most informative.  He understands personality profiling and makes the process interesting and fun.”

josephproj Butch Scruggs, Executive Director, Joseph Project (Weekly Workshop)
1st Session  “I have received numerous, positive comments about your presentation.  What an uplifting time and how relevant for the people in that room to get training and some understanding on the personality profiles.  Good news is, your presentation has helped people understand the personalities that they will be dealing with when interviewing and when they go back to work.  It will give them an edge that others will not have.”

2nd Session  “Thanks so much for being there yesterday.  You presentation was even better than last time.  I have heard so many good compliments.  You really meet the audience right where they need it.  Even more insightful for me this time than last.”

budgetext Robb Ryerse, Research and Business Development,  Budgetext Corp. (Personal and Team Development Seminar)
“Thanks so much for speaking to our Account Representatives at our National Sales Meeting.  Your presentation was both informative and inspiring.  I know that our rookies and seasoned vets alike found your session valuable.  Thanks for your energy and passion!”

vapta Morgan Bell, Vice President, Virginia PTA (Annual Conference)
“I was the chairman of the Virginia PTA Leadership Conference and contacted Scott once again to come back to present workshops and assist with the Scholarship Auction as our auctioneer.  Again, with his high level of enthusiasm and energy, the workshops were well received and the auction was even more successful than the previous year.”

mktplc Dave Strong, Owner,  Restaurant Management Group (Semi-Annual Managers Meeting)
“As you can tell by the comments from those who attended, you were just the spark that our team needed. Moreover, I think that this just may be a spark that will not simply burn away like so many other things can.”

acul Karen Stroud, Executive Director, Arkansas Credit Union League (Annual Conference)
“I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful presentation you gave at our Manager’s Roundtable.  Everyone was so enthusiastic in his/her’s comments.  Your talk was the highest scoring event on the evaluations.”

aaea Dr. Tom Kimbrell, Executive Director, Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators (Annual Conference)
“Scott was the inspirational keynote speaker at one of our summer conferences and was asked to return to our fall conference.  Both presentations were excellent.  Scott’s unique perspective, coupled with honest and forthright communications skills, touched the hearts of those present.”

pottsville Faye Westerman, Asst. Superintendent, Pottsville School District (In-Service Training)
“It is hard to believe it has been seven months since you were in our district presenting successful ways to involve our parents… You gave us an understanding of successful parent involvement and a plan for implementation.  The short time you spent with our faculty has had a tremendous impact  on our district.”


1st Presentation Rene Lovett, Manager of Individual Products, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield (Annual Awards Banquet)
“. . . it’s always very important to us to find someone who can deliver a message that is just as meaningful to our guests (normally spouses) as it is to our employees. Your message certainly met that goal. You were a “difference maker” for us.”

2nd Presentation Toni Lairry Starks, Vice President Customer Service, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield (Customer Service Annual Seminar)
“I would like to share just a few comments from both my colleagues and our team members: contagious enthusiasm, he practices what he preaches, he elicited great response from the audience, Scott re-activated the ambitious drive that was instilled in me.”

capta Tom Horn, California State PTA (Annual Convention)
Scott engages the audience. He captures their attention and holds it. His enthusiasm is contagious.

carmart Hank Henderson, CFO, America’s Car-Mart (Annual General Managers Meeting)
“By delivering a message of “Go Make a Difference,” you did exactly that….your presentation exceeded all my expectations. You are truly blessed with a gift…I am certain that your message was successful not only in reminding those of us who had forgotten, but also in awakening that ability in those who have never tapped into that potential in their lives.”

hellstern Angela Coats, Principal, Helen Tyson Middle School (In-service Training)
“During Scott’s presentation, teachers were actively engaged all throughout the workshop. A staff member stated, “Scott models great presentation skills that we need to be using in the classroom.”
trustbanc Kathryn Hicks, Vice President, TrustBanc (Personal Development Seminar)

“I have been fortunate enough to hear Scott speak on 2 occasions.  The first meeting was by chance.  The second meeting was therefore definitely by choice.  His gift as a speaker is multi-faceted.  He has a voice that demands attention and will capture the audience.  You cannot leave the seminar without realizing that you are important and there is a purpose for your life.”

msilogo Bill Kennedy, Vice President Operations, Member Services, Inc. (Annual Conference)
“Prior to the presentation date, Scott asked thoughtful and relevant questions about our Company and employees.  Scott was effective in implementing key points of this conversation into his presentation.  In addition, Scott used humor very cleverly to help keep an absolutely positive atmosphere througout the presentation.”

curelogoMichael Resovich, Physical Education Teacher, Cure of Ars Catholic School (Teacher In-Service)
The following letter was received from one of Scott’s first recipients of his “Making A Difference” presentation. Interviews were conducted with former students and shared as part of the inspirational message.

Mike Resovich, Teacher

tgsmithlogoMichelle Doshier, Former Principal, T.G. Smith Elementary (My 1st official Training in 2003)
“The program was truly an inspiration for teachers.  The style of presentation was emotionally moving and uplifting.  Teachers were both laughing and crying throughout the presentation.  Teachers shared the following comments:
“It’s nice to know that we make an impact in student’s lives.”
“I felt proud and respected in front of my peers.”
“This presentation reminded me how inportant my job is and what a difference I can make.”
“This presentation made me realize never to give up on my students.”
“You must continue.  God has blessed you.”
The following letter was received from one of Scott’s first recipients of his “Making A Difference” presentation. Interviews were conducted with former students and shared as part of the inspiratonal message.

Brenda Clark, Teacher