This page is not about Scott, but about all the businesses, organizations and people that have provided great service or inspiration to him while he continually develops himself, programs and organizations.  See if any of these connections could support your development.

People and Organizations Scott Trusts

dream_97x145Several years ago, Scott heard an audio from Marcia Wieder called “Passion is the Juice”.  He was inspired and started to discover what he was passionate about.  Today, he looks back on that audio and several others that offered the positive belief in himself that he could achieve.

fireproofThe message of the movie is incredible, but the resources available to support your marriage are just as valuable.   Fireproof Your Marriage no matter how long you have been married.  Never leave your partner!!  Keep growing together.

billcordesScott saw Bill Cordes present for a business conference he attended in Kansas City back in the mid-90’s.  He has followed Bill and his travels and seen the positive impact he has on the lives of students and faculty.  Bill’s theme is YOGOWYPI “You Only Get Out What You Put In”.  He is passionate and would be an excellent presenter for your school/district.

Only Takes Everyth You GotIt has been said, “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” – Charles “Tremendous” Jones.  Julio Melara’s book, “It Only Takes Everything You’ve Got” was one of those books for Scott.  Julio is dynamic as a speaker and writer.  Invest in yourself and learn from Julio.

safeteam Schools And Families Engaged (S.A.F.E. TEAM on Campus) The program’s goal is for each adult family member to volunteer at least one day of the school year to support personal responsibility, safety and education.  Your school community stakeholders will .

apdIf you want to become a better dad and surround yourself with information on doing so, signup for the All Pro Dad “Play of the Day” email.  It is written for guys in a simple one short paragraph format.  This is the only weekly email that Scott receives.  Because of the format and content every dad will find it valuable.

daveReal life, love and money with America’s most trusted money guy.  Dave Ramsey is on a mission to get all Americans debt-free.  Buy his books, take the Financial Peace course at a location within your city, and most importantly visit his site and listen to his radio show.

Scott’s Favorite Books

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Scott’s Movie Collection about Real People Chasing their Dreams

Invincible miracle2 Movie Rudy Coach Carter Movie October Sky We are Marshall Movie Cool Runnings the rookie Rmbr Titans radio blindside catchme pursuithappy The Passionrightstuff

Scott’s Movie Collection that makes him Laugh, Inspires him or gets the Testosterone Pumping

Movie Armageddon indepday face giants fireproof movie Movie Pay it Forward Movie The Patriot Rocky happy_gilmore tin_cup dumb knights smith giftrush taledega

FREE Sites/Software/Services

adv sys careScott thinks he is a computer nerd and work his way around the systems and help others when in need, but even he doesn’t know how to keep it safe and fast without the help of others.  Scott highly recommends Advance System Care to protect your computer and keep it running smoothly.

dropboxSharing files with co-workers, boards of directors, family and friends keeps getting easier.  Scott sits on a couple non-profit boards and through his own companies, they use Drop Box to share files and increase communication.

facebook_logoFacebook is keeping Scott connected to friends, family, and those who see him present.  Also, Facebook promotes his organization Schools And Families Engaged (S.A.F.E. TEAM on Campus).

twitter_logoTwitter is another tool to make sure Scott is connecting through the main social networking sites.  Most likely, Scott’s blog, Facebook and Twitter pages will have similar information.

linkedin4Linked In provides Scott’s resume.  The site is a formatted connection to professionals in the business and education world.  Every now and then Scott will provide updates from this site.  Linked In also connects to Scott’s Twitter account.

wordpress-logo-wide-1WordPress is the online site/blog tool that runs Scott’s site.  Many independent developers support WordPress with add-on features to enhance a WordPress site/blog experience.

skype_logo_1_mediumWhether connecting to family or clients, Skype has been an incredible tool for one to one conversations.  Connect with Scott (safe.scott) on Skype.  Rarely does Scott use the video feed, but it does assist in personalizing a call when both parties are accessible.   (Pretty May Call Center is the paid-for software that allows Skype to become a call center for minimal cost per year.  Schools And Families Engaged ( n Skype) utilizes the landline phone number (630-427-4993) for Skype/PMCC to support their customers.)

imagesIf you collaborate with coworkers  in different locations around the country, then Log Me In may be for you.  Not only does Scott offer tech support to his family with Log Me In, but his team utilizes the FREE version of this software so they can see real time creation of their work while on a Skype conference call.  Until you try this software and connect to your team’s computers, you won’t understand the value.

joinme As the director of a national organization, Scott meets morning, noon and night with customers and partners throughout the nation.  To support his communication efforts, he often conducts webinars.  The original app he used for webinars was bought out so Scott went to  This wasn’t a tough decision since his staff regularly uses LogMeIn for interfacing during development projects. is an impromptu online meeting space, the opportunity to share your screen to collaborate, meet, train, demo or show-off, and the last two words in an invitation. 

YoouSendItWhen you need to send a large file and you are wondering if it will actually send from your outbox or if the receiver will be allowed to accept it by email, then you You Send It to do the work.  Large files are uploaded and a link is emailed to your contact to click and download the file.  Great website to access!

xmarksDo you work off of more that one computer and wish you could share your Favorites/Bookmarks between your different computers?  This is the answer.  Xmarks is the add-on that is available for IE, Firefox, Google and Safari browsers.  Keep all you computers synced with Xmarks.

CareCalendarRecently, Scott’s family utilized Care Calendar to support the organization of providing meals for a friend after surgery.  Excellent FREE service online to communicate and remind individuals of their commitment.

SCOREScott’s companies have taken advantage of FREE counseling from the Small Business Administration SCORE mentors.  Go here first before you make the commitment to start your company or to gain fresh ideas to help your company move forward.

instructablesScott’s idea of fun is looking at McGuyver type sites and see what people can figure how to do on their own.  Check out Instructables for great ideas.  Also, remember to search your subject and add DIY at the beginning to see if there is a site dedicated to your problem or idea.

belarc_logo Scott has had his computers crash and tried to remember what software he had loaded on the harddrives?  Scott uses Belarc on all his computers.  The Belarc Advisor displays a detailed profile of your installed software, hardware and vulnerabilities in your Web browser. Click here to download a free copy for personal use. The Belarc Advisor is not permitted to be used for any commercial purposes.

audacity As we produce audio clips for our site and videos, we consistently use Audacity as our software of choice for recording and editing.  Best of all, it is FREE.

avast Some people feel like they have to pay for good antivirus software, Scott doesn’t.  If you want to purchase their next level products go for it.  Scott appreciates Avast Free Version.

efax Because fax technology is being used less and less, do you really need an actual fax machine?  No, all you need to receive faxes from other businesses is Efax.  With your FREE account, you can receive faxes as needed.  Efax will email you when a fax arrives.  If you want to send a fax using Efax, that will cost $.  If you have a scanner and email, you shouldn’t ever have to fax anything.  For additional fax options, checkout this article “10 Best Free Online Fax Services”

filezilla The FREE FTP Solution.  Allows our team and developer to have real time access to our sever files.  By the way, the price is great.  Use Filezilla.

mailchimp Because email security is so tight within school servers, our organization started using Mail Chimp to simply confirm that each contact from a conference was receiving our email.  We have not started with email promotions at this time, but Mail Chimp has provided a FREE alternative to the other pay for products out there.

spdtest When Scott travels and connects by WiFi on his laptop, he connects to SpeedTest to confirm his connection speed.  It lets him know what to expect during the time he has to work.  Airports tend be the slowest WiFi connections.  McD’s doesn’t fall to far behind that one.  Hotels tend to have better speeds when traveling.  Know your speed with SpeedTest.

pixresize PIXresizer is the FREE software available through BlueFive.  PIXresizer is a photo resizing program to easily create web and e-mail friendly versions of your images with reduced file sizes.  Very simple to use and did I mention FREE.

twetdk To coordinate your ability to live Tweet and post directly to your FB or multiple social networking accounts, Tweetdeck is the real deal.  Post it in one place and watch it pop up everywhere your friends/followers are located.

camstudio Back to the term CSS (Customer Self-Service).  Our companies have utilized Cam Studio to support our efforts in regards to developing tutorials for website visitors.  CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)

openoffice Our whole team has not to Open Office, but we are moving that direction.  It does everything the average user needs it to do.   If you do not know about the Open-Source market for software/programs, become aware.  There’s significant $$ to save.

avc Sometimes our team receives video from customers in different formats.  AVC was our FREE ticket to conversion of those video files to the type that we needed for our editor.

volusion If you want to step right in to real-time communication with your customer, here’s a FREE way to go.  Volusion is a web-based software, but you will download the application to run it from the support person’s computer.  The more ways you customer can reach you, the better the experience to meet their needs for communication.   You will see our LIVE HELP online or offline.  Talk to us when we are online.

ADVSYS3This is a FREE piece of technology Scott has used to optimize his computer systems.  (In non-tech speak that means, it allows your computer to go a little faster, clean up old useless files, and organize it better. )  The FREE version of Advance System Care 3 doesn’t allow for scheduling the software to automatically do it, so schedule yourself weekly to click their icon.  It’s a no brainer.

faxzero In this day and age of technology, it totally amazes me that companies and organizations still use a fax machine.  Scan and email it.  But if they won’t accept it that way and you HAVE to fax it, use FaxZERO is you do not have a dedicated line like our company.  Simply scan your document and send it through this FREE service.  For the 2-3 faxes I have to send a year, this is much more efficient than having a fax line.

cutepdfCute PDF is the FREE version of commercial PDF creation software. CutePDF Writer installs itself as a “printer subsystem”. What that means is that once you are done creating your .doc, .ppt, etc. you simply click File/Print and then choose CutePDF from the printer menu.   Installation requires the following also: GNU Ghostscript is an open-source interpreter for the PostScript language and the PDF file format.

Paid Sites/Software/Services

quknScott is believer that singles and couples need to take Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey because personal finance is personal.  Everyone needs to learn how to budget and follow the Baby Steps in FPU.  As a self proclaimed NERD, when it comes to tracking receipts and funds, Scott believes in using software to support his efforts for his companies and his family.  At home, he uses Quicken and his companies use Quickbooks.

vista logoThis is Scott’s second opportunity to use Vista Print for his business cards. They are truly CSS (Customer Self Service)  Great product for my companies needs!

prettymay Scott’s companies take advantage of the technology available that break the mold of traditional services.  Pretty May Call Center for Skype is a rule breaker.  We run our call center from a desktop computer, the Pretty May software and $60 a year for a Skype service plan and a direct dial phone number.   Check it out for your company.

liqweb Our developer has had nothing but great things to say about Liquid Web and their Heroic Support.  We are not 100% cloud based with our companies, but we are moving that way.  We appreciate our dedicated server with Liquid Web.

amazonWS Currently our company streams hours of video daily through Amazon Web Services.  Not only does it have a price point that meets our budget, but Amazon has a quality product to support our needs.

leewayneCorporate branding, product and distribution handling are critical for any company.  When it came to working with the manufacturers,  designers and printers, Lisa Madsen with Halo to support our needs was the right choice.   They are full service, helping us create, manufacturer and ship to the customer.  Contact Lisa Madsen at Lisa.Madsen[at]

priceline Priceline, because it is a great service and Scott doesn’t like to pay retail.  Scott shouldn’t have to pay too much for a hotel room when he only sleeps on half the bed and takes quick showers.  Priceline is what he uses for hotel room purchasing, usually the day of or night before.  Scott may also use it for rental cars.   Scott never negotiates for a hotel less that 2-stars.   The estimated average price Scott pays for a room with tax included is $55.

expedia Due to Scott’s frequent usage of Expedia, he has been asked to participate on their feedback team.  Expedia is an excellent tool to not only start off price comparing, but for those who look for the lowest price for flights and are not focused on racking up airline miles with one carrier.  When Scott’s travel calls for 3 or more flight legs, Expedia can find the deals with any airline, except Southwest.  Every now and then Scott will also use Expedia to search for rental cars.

inflimag So how do you promote your business?  Inflatable Images was the magic to help us bring our mascot, COMBO, to life.  Check out their site for other great ideas.  Over the top and Larger than life pretty much sums them up.  Great customer service!

bhphoto Our team fully respects those in the video industry and the value they bring to their profession.  But with value comes a price tag that many startups can’t afford.  For $2,500, we purchased the equipment needed to design a green screen home studio and have the ability to travel with the camera equipment.  B&H Photo not only helped us decide what was needed for our budget, but their price packages competed nationally.  Remember that keeping our content fresh on your blogs, sites, and social media is critical to keeping your prospects and customers coming back to receive value from your organization.  When you have been part of developing your company’s website, you can be blinded to what the new visitor may experience.  I found (  after hearing a podcast produced by E-myth.  Does the customer truly understand who you are, what they should do on your site and how to navigate it?