Leaders can always be BETTER Communicators and should be the BEST

hoavbThis past weekend, I was brought in for the Heart of America Volleyball Region meeting.  This was a meeting designed around discussing the latest rules changes and new policies coming down from the national association.  As you might expect, that could be a very long meeting.  I promise you, the first portion of the meeting had passion and energy as we did a full room breakout regarding the model of human behavior to discover the strengths and weaknesses to improve leadership and communication.  While it wasn’t a long session, all the attendees actively participated to fully understand how they could be more effective.

So was it just Luck or was it Hard Work, Focus and Determination?

Hard Work NOT Luck: So I just heard that my nephew, who came out of high school with excellent grades and a high ACT, has maintained excellent grades at K-State, participated in different leadership roles and responsibilities at K-State, has worked 2 internships for companies in his field of interest during his Soph and Jr summers, and now has received a job offer from one of those companies prior to starting his Sr. year at K-State. So what has my nephew done that has allowed him these opportunities? He did what you saw above. He has given full effort in life to set himself up for success. He had no connections, he made the connections through his success. Isn’t it amazing how lucky he is?

Where Do You Give Away Your Time and Talents?

Through my volunteerism with the Boy Scouts, I met a communications professor at the University of Arkansas.  Together we taught the Communications merit badge back in March.  During those 8 hours of teaching we had a chance to talk and learned that we shared a faith in Christ.  She asked me if I would be willing to teach and share for her sons’ youth group.  I agreed and last week, my son and I participated and had an incredible night of praise and worship with this faith-filled group of young people 15-22 years old.  I wish you could have been there to watch young people who do not judge others come together and worship.  It was AWESOME!!  Here’s the pic and Facebook post after that night.

“Scott Huse and Hunter Huse came out to youth group tonight and WOW what a treat! Scott challenged us with the words in Philippians: Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. He asked us to look at our gifts and our struggles.”


Keep Learning from Those Who have the Answers

If you have read my blog, you know that I am an advocate for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and his teaching/training.  The success of his ministry on the radio has now allowed his company to launch a live webstream of his show.  Please realize, that while God may have given a presenter like myself a gift to speak in front of others, I am constantly learning from those who know more on a subject than myself.  Watch Dave live or checkout the archives.



You Only Know what You Know, Usually Based on Your Experiences

42-movie-poster__spanMy wife and I just got home from seeing 42 the true story of Jackie Robinson. No, I cannot imagine what it was like in 1948, let alone the 60’s. I only know what I know from the short life I have lived at 46 yrs old.

I remember in 1989, right out college, working in sales in southern Arkansas. I visited a couple of very small towns to talk to the physicians. Some single doctor clinics still had two entry doors. It was understood within those communities that your skin color determined which door you entered to sit in a waiting room. I had never been exposed to accepted segregation prior to that experience. And still today, there are some who look at the color of skin and not the heart, words or actions to determine the character and quality of a person.

Because people are racist towards religion, skin color, political party affiliation, income level, etc., I am sure it will never truly go away. I guess the hope in the movie 42, is that there are some strong people who will have the character to stand strong and find a way to overcome those who hate. Be the person who stands up with these individuals and win the hearts of those who hold up the barriers.

Tim Tebow shared his Heart “Hard Work beats Talent, when Talent doesn’t Work Hard.”

In the south, football is life in high school. In NW AR, they hosted a 7 on 7 tournament with 40 teams from 14 states to compete. But this event is more than football. They also combine character, leadership and faith in to the weekend. I am not a Tim Tebow cult follower, but I am very aware of the platform he has for Christ. Tebow spent the day with the athletes at their tournament, but then closed out the day with an inspirational and challenge to accept Jesus Christ. He wan’t flashy, he was the Tim Tebow you often see others criticize for being humble and living out his faith daily. This young man has a great platform to share the Gospel. Here are a few Tebow quotes from last night:

“Hard Work beats Talent, when Talent doesn’t Work Hard.”

“I never woke up saying I want to be average. Be great!”

“Don’t be afraid to be bold. Be different. There are teams who will want you in their lockeroom.”

“After winning the BCS National Championship and having worn John 3:16 on my eye black, 94 million people Googled John 3:16. I didn’t think there was anyway 94 million people didn’t know John 3:16.”

Tim’s whole talk last night started out as character and life, but he had a purpose. After winning the championship, Coach Meyer hugged him and said, “I love you. I am proud of you. You finished strong.” This allowed Tim to then share about Christ to each of the 700 attendees last night. It was powerful.

Even “Professional” Presenters Need to Wet Their Whistle

As a board member for Youth Strategies, a non-profit in Northwest Arkansas, I have volunteered this summer to teach/train the high school version of Financial Peace University.  Every Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks, we have been going through the content of FPU and inspiring these 20–25 students to think about their future and how money will affect their lives and decisions.   A new University of Arkansas intern was a guest in the class and posted this photo and pic on Facebook.

“One must be fully caffeinated to teach ‪#‎daveramsey‬‘s‪#‎financialpeaceuniversity‬ to a room full of high schoolers. ‪#‎youthstrategies‬ ‪#‎kumandgo‬ ‪#‎caffeine‬ — with Scott Huse and Scott Huse.”


Great Insight: “How may I serve you?”

Great stuff from my mentor and financial advisor, Dave Ramsey.
Dave is reading responses on his radio show to a survey question asked of parents regarding their concern for their children’s future: “The biggest concern is the job market and the cost of college. Hmm, I hear that and I think people have missed the point. Parents are no longer teaching lemonade stands. See, every kid outa have a lemonade stand, walk a dog, shovel poop, mow grass, babysit the neighbors brats/children. Are we so socialized that we look out on the landscape of America and ask who is going to give me a job. That implies that you have inherent worth because you breathe air……A waitress has no value until they bring you your freakng food and if don’t do that well, you may not be good at it and bring no value….No body owes you a job…..Why don’t we teach people to look at the marketplace and say “How may I serve you?” “Mr. /Mrs. Employer how can I serve you. I am so valuable, I will accept you offer of $50k because I will bring $100k about revenue. How may I serve or assist you? How can fix your food, cut your grass, teach you? How may I add value to you marketplace? How may I sell you lemonade, pink, yellow or just water? What do you want, need or desire? What app do you need on your freaking iPhone? ……….The job market doesn’t look very promising because the ones asking that are freaking idiots…. Remember Operation Wall Street, they are morons loose in America. Parents it is your fault. You didnt’ teach them about the free enterprise system….. You know how Bill Gates became the richest man in the USA? He added value to peoples lives around the world. … He is a multi-billionaire and he deserves it.” This rant from the second hour of 6/28/2013 ‪#‎freeenterprise‬ ‪#‎daveramsey‬ ‪#‎personalresponsibility‬

So What’s Your Excuse for NOT Accomplishing Your Goals and Dreams?

Even “Inspirational” speakers need to be inspired and keep focused on goals and dreams.  This video is about a young man who has gone on to perform with excellence in an industry that many thought he may not have a shot.  Is there any chance that when you are sick and tired of not achieving goals in your life that you could get back up and try again after viewing this video?   Richie Parker designs NASCAR components with his feet.

Before Facebook, I didn’t really know how You felt about a Subject

Before 2009, none of my family was on Facebook.  We actually gave the FREE service to our children as a Christmas gift.  AAAAAAAALL their friends had FB pages, but our children didn’t for nearly a year.  And since we are parents, parenting our children, we allowed them to have a FB profile when we let them.  Fast forward to 2013 and now FB is a way to be in constant communication for many areas of our lives.  We can learn just about anything about anyone if we want to based on their pics, posts, likes and so on.  If you read my blogs or posts, you know that I am huge fan of Personal Responsibility.  Here’s a FB post I made regarding this topic:

I just visited a FB page that has very opposite views of mine on many topics. I would suggest they rename it to:
“You DON’T have to take Personal Responsibility for Your Life Decisions and My Life is Someone Else’s Fault and the Government can Fix Everything for Me.”


Life is not roses and puppies, so every now and then I have to put up a shock post to wake some folks up.  :o)

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