Lasting Friendships in Sports Because You Battled Together

I was not the greatest athlete, but I have always been a competitor.  I had the privilege of playing baseball for a small college in Western Kansas for all four of my years.  Along the way, some players stayed on and some came and went.  While you are a team, you will always find the brothers that you can share a bond with long after the arm and swing are gone.  I have followed one of teammates from afar as he took his passion and leadership from the playing field to the sidelines as a coach.  Just recently, I caught up with him as his team was making a run for the NCAA World Series in Omaha, but they fell a few games short.  He had the pitchers throwing waterballs in the rain working on their “fundamentals”.  They have a beautiful field at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.  Kirk Kelley is a great leader of young men.


This Is What Success Looks Like

Here’s a pic (not all are pictured) of our graduating Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class. Since we started the class 9 weeks ago, here are some stats:

1. Over $160k in credit card offers by mail have been declined and shredded.
2. $78k in debt has been paid off so far.
3. 15 credit card accounts were closed and chopped up during our class. :o)
4. An additional $35k is accessible in savings.

Which Baby Step are you on?

“Live like no one else so you can some day live and give like no one else.” – Dave Ramsey


Marriage isn’t Easy, but there are a few stats that could Benefit a Marriage

I love watching married couples do real life together.  It is not easy to be married but when you battle through the challenges and stay committed great things can happen.  Here’s Dave Ramsey‘s quote of the day:

“If 52% of marriages end in divorce, what can our children do to beat the odds. A recent study showed that marriages only have a 20% divorce rate when the following factors are present:

1. 6 month or longer engagement.
2. Detailed and in-depth pre-marriage counseling. Have agreement regarding $$, religion, children and crazy in-laws.
3. Both sets parents are still married.
4. Both graduate from college.
5. Marriage occurs after both are 22 yrs or older.
6. Combined avg. income of $50k or more. (As college grads it should be higher.)
7. Both attend regularly at a house of worship.

The lower your income, the more likely you are to “shack up” and not commit to marriage. But if you do live together prior to marriage, there’s an 88% likelihood that you will get a divorce.”

What do You do for Fun or with Your Spouse to Stay Connected and Refreshed?

149005_10200978581576552_1305321724_nSince college we have enjoyed country music, barn dances and our local honky tonk, the Electric Cowboy.  They have free dance lessons from 7:30-8:30 so we can improve our skills.  Here’s a shot of Claudia and me when the night was getting started.



It was a God Thing

So how about a God thing tonight?  5+ yrs ago, Kevin Miles came in to my life and I watched from afar as a man chased a vision God gave him to start Go the Distance Ministries. Their purpose is to help men and women: Recover their PASSION, Find and live their PURPOSE, Restore their Hearts to live in FREEDOM and Enjoy LIFE in God. This past weekend I accepted Kevin’s invitation to participate in Hearts Alive & Free in Michigan. (based on John Eldridge’s Ransomed Heart ministries.) Question for you that hit me this weekend: Are you authentic or a poser? If you Are who you Aren’t, then you Aren’t who you Are. It was a great weekend for getting FREE!!!


Proud College Parents

Our daughter started her freshman year at Arkansas Tech University.  She made the cheer squad and since my wife and I are former cheerleaders for our high schools and college, it was only fitting that we were first in the spirit booth.


How Long have You Served Others?

For the last 15 years, I have volunteered at my church’s K-2 elementary ministry by teaching and leading worship for the children. As the vision has grown for different ways to teach about God’s love for us, 4-6 week themes are utilized to engage the children/students. This is another one of the stage sets and costumes we are utilizing to kick off the year.    To bad my wife wasn’t there to see me in uniform. I need to bring it home and wear it while I watch Armageddon.  Maybe I need costumes when I am on the road speaking.


Inspire Everyone, Especially Our Youth

I am grateful for every opportunity I have to connect with young people and provide them a vision for the potential in their life.  Everyone comes from a different background and their experiences mold who they are.  Sometimes it can be that person who doesn’t know their ever move that comes in and can help them capture the “who I can be” vs. “who I am”.  We held series of events to impact the education and family community of Rankin County School District in MS.  They are dedicated to offering programming to support the needs of their students, staff and families.

This first pic is after we spoke to a local group of high school students.

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As we talked about Family Engagement, a strong team from the community attended the lunch session.

rcds 1

My son, Hunter, joined me to present “Diagnosis to Graduation” which is our family’s story about Hunter’s life on the Autism Spectrum.

h s rdcs


Do You Want Creative Students?

Over the weekend, after keynoting for Indiana PTA and sharing my early years education experience, an attendee came up and handed me the following insight:

Creativity, when teachers were surveyed:  “Do you want creative students?”  They responded, “Yes”.  “Do you want students that have all the traits that add up to creativity?”  They responded, “No”. It then said, “Scott’s high school years are the description of a creative kid.”  And today I have the opportunity to share about the value of family and education. How ironic!!



A Talent I Do Not Have

I can still draw the same cartoon face that I did when I was in 5th grade but I never progressed in my sketching talent.  At the CO PTA state convention, one of the member’s sons was at the after party free-sketching protraits.  I very much appreciate the chiseled chin and slimming features he provided me.  And “Yes”, I still had on the camo paint for the protrait.


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