Okay, I don’t mean you personally or your computer technology.  But how about your business card?

I remember reading the book You, Inc.  As a person you are your own corporation.  You make the decision on the type of product you provide as a person and how marketable you are.  With my new site updated, I thought I would do a quick upgrade to my business card also.  My old card reflected my theme of “Time to Share” which I utilize throughout my keynotes.  I have gone with the “Checkered Flag” theme (not for my southern NASCAR fans) based on my closing quote when working with individuals and teams, “Focus and Finish Your Race”.  No one can do it for you.

bus cardIt was good to upgrade the card with the title, phone number, email, skype id, etc.

vista logo Thank you Vista Print for a simple to use service.  I will add them to my Links page under a new category called Paid Sites/Software.