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Not a Rocket Scientist nor an Engineer

Scott may not be all that sharp, but he can follow this flowchart and have success.  


So was it just Luck or was it Hard Work, Focus and Determination?

Hard Work NOT Luck: So I just heard that my nephew, who came out of high school with excellent grades and a high ACT, has maintained excellent grades at K-State, participated in different leadership roles and responsibilities at K-State, has worked 2 internships for companies in his field of interest during his Soph and Jr summers, and now has received a job offer from one of those companies prior to starting his Sr. year at K-State. So what has my nephew done that has allowed him these opportunities? He did what you saw above. He has given full effort in life to set himself up for success. He had no connections, he made the connections through his success. Isn’t it amazing how lucky he is?

Do You Want Creative Students?

Over the weekend, after keynoting for Indiana PTA and sharing my early years education experience, an attendee came up and handed me the following insight:

Creativity, when teachers were surveyed:  “Do you want creative students?”  They responded, “Yes”.  “Do you want students that have all the traits that add up to creativity?”  They responded, “No”. It then said, “Scott’s high school years are the description of a creative kid.”  And today I have the opportunity to share about the value of family and education. How ironic!!



Please VOTE Daily for the S.A.F.E. TEAM Video


Many of you know my dedication and passion for families, education and safe-learning environments through the development and promotion of the S.A.F.E. TEAM Program. As of August 1st, you can go and cast your vote for the S.A.F.E. TEAM video as part of the American Airlines and SCORE Association contest.  Help us make it to the finals to win over $50k in tickets, advertising and promotion.  Vote EVERY day for the S.A.F.E. TEAM video.

Checkout the following press releases to learn more.


Sys.con Media


It was time to CELEBRATE my Mom!!

My mother, Marlene Rowe, will be retiring from her role in education as a principal and former teacher this June 2011. She has served as an educator for 39 years.  This past week, my family and I along with many extended family members, former teachers, students and friends joined together for a catholic mass in her honor and then several presentations were given.  My brother, Todd, and I were asked to share a few words about our mom.  The following are my words as I remember them that I shared from the podium.  It was an honor to stand before my mom and talk directly to her as her son and share just a few of the ways she has impacted my life.

100_6197“This past week, I registered my first child for college.  As my son and I were attending the orientation session, one of the admissions directors said, “the reason to finish your college degree is that education can go with you wherever you go.  Nobody can take it from you.  Once a graduate, always a graduate.”  Immediately that hit me because it was true that no one can take anything from your mind.

As I thought about my mom and what I would share today, what were some of the things she instilled in my mind and heart that can’t be taken away.  Three things came to the forefront: Faith, Family, and Education.

First there is Faith.  The foundation of my faith comes from my mother and her example.  All of her life, my mother has walked consistently as a Christian woman.

Next is Family.  As individuals, we live our own lives and start as a son/daughter then a husband/wife and end as a father/mother.  But as a son or daughter, we actually watch our parent’s lives in reverse.  My mom has been there to love and encourage me and I seem to experience this more and more even in to my 40’s.  If you are in the 8th grade, please raise your hand.  Listen to me when I say, your mother is much wiser than you think she is right now and you will appreciate her in a few short years.

As a wife, I saw commitment from my mom.  She showed me that she values marriage.  Marriage isn’t easy but it is worth it.

As of these last several years, I have observed her as a daughter.  Many of you know that we lost my grandmother Margaret Manley a few years ago.  During that time and still today, with my granddad Bud Manley at 95 years old, I have seen my mom love and care for her parents.  Some of you students have made cards during holidays to send to the residents of the Forum Home close to the school.  While her job at school ends every day, she then goes every day to see granddad and to care for him.

While I didn’t personally value Education and the opportunity it offered in my early years., I did enjoy my social time at school vs. striving for the grades.  But when I think about my mom’s 39 years as an educator, dedication is a word that sums it up.  Through her dedication as a teacher and administrator my mom has provided the opportunity of life change for her students through education.

This day is a celebration for you mom.  Congratulations for all you have accomplished!  I love you.”

Effective Leaders Communicate Effectively

Arkansas PTA had Scott keynote for their convention in April. For many volunteer-based organizations, they like to offer professional trainers to support their leaders.  The goal is to increase their skill levels to be more effective communicators.

New Content Focused on Preparing Students for College and Career.

A week ago, Scott, and soon to be 20 of his best friends, met up in Cincinnati, OH for a weekend of training and certification with’s Making It Count organization. It was intense and fun to be with so many professional speakers.  As of Friday, Scott received the official word that he is certified to “Edutain” both of the high school programs: Making Your College Search Count (focused on Juniors in high school) and Making your College and Career Count (focused on Seniors in high school).  The 40 min. presentations are content rich and very effective for the students.  Guidance Counselors and Administration will see the immediate impact from the content.  Go to Making It Count to read the story about the founder.

If you are interested in having these presentations delivered to your student body, contact Making It Count to register.  There is NO cost to the students or the school.  It is presented for FREE.


Do you have an Inner Geek?

For small business owners, sometimes you have to be your own tech support and maybe learn skills you weren’t planning on learning to maintain costs. Along the way you may actually enjoy the process and realize the value of the technology.  Recently our team has learned the value of user testing our websites before releasing it to the public.  Scott has also become a tester for to increase his knowledge on the different concepts used to increase traffic and to find our why users leave website.


Passionate about Public Education

Since having children, I have learned the value of public education and the difficulties associated with a quality education being available to all American citizens. There’s a new documentary out called “Waiting for Superman” and talks about the lottery system within some charter school cities.  The blog post I want you to read is by an educator talking about all the challenges faced by many public schools.

So often, we live in the world we know and can’t see the need of others or the “real” challenges they face daily.

1.  Be thankful if you do not face daily challenges of abuse (physical, substance, etc.), have transportation, food on the table, etc.

2.  Understand that children do not have control over their circumstances and if we want to build a great nation, ALL our children need to have the opportunity to grow and develop in a healthy environment and culture.

3.  My organization Schools And Families Engaged (S.A.F.E. TEAM on Campus) believes in the following for students to graduate: Attendance, Attachment, Achievement and Attainment.

Dear Ms. Winfrey blog post

Billings was a Beatiful City for a Conference

This was my first time to speak in Montana and Billings was a great destination. Enjoy this short clip after my conference.

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