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When was the last time you DIY’d? (Did It Yourself)

858805_10200284202604534_1230103318_oSo often it seems easier just to pay or ask someone else to do it, but there is great satisfaction when you do it yourself.  On July 4th, my wife and son helped me to dig, prep and build this in-ground fire pit in our backyard.  It didn’t take a ton of planning nor money.  But it took effort and sweat.  I can honestly say that because of the effort and sweat, we are proud of the work we did and we want to enjoy it together with our family.  What project can you do alone or with your family that you could take pride in accomplishing?


How Do You Help Businesses/Organizations Improve?

Oftentimes, you will hear the word “excellence” in the mission or motto of an organization.  What is your role as the consumer to help them to achieve the excellence they desire?  Simply provide constructive feedback both positive and negative. No one improves or keeps doing the right things consistently unless they hear back from those they serve.

Recently, I have had a  challenge with an organization that I paid for service to be provided.  I was not satisfied with how they delivered the service nor with the outcome of the service.  As I evaluated the situation, I was informed their is a process in place to appeal the outcome and to request a refund.  What have I learned from taking part in this process?

1.  No one cares more about your situation and your challenges than you do.

2. Employers need to realize that when they allow their front-line employees to be part of the appeal process, that employee may not be well versed to communicate effectively with the customer.

3.  If an appeal process is available to the customer, the organization should provide a timeline regarding when they will respond and the steps available to the consumer so that delays do not occur.

4. It’s okay to talk by phone, but it is best to receive and communicate in writing so that you have proof and documentation.

5.  It is okay to be direct, but try your best not to get angry with the person to whom you are speaking.  If they cannot resolve your issue, ask for the next person in the chain of command.   Do not forget to do #4.  Document, document, document.

As I write this post, my story has not finished, but because of the amount of documentation over 1.5 months, the timeline I was able to provide the organization about their appeal process should help them improve towards their goal of “excellence.”

So was it just Luck or was it Hard Work, Focus and Determination?

Hard Work NOT Luck: So I just heard that my nephew, who came out of high school with excellent grades and a high ACT, has maintained excellent grades at K-State, participated in different leadership roles and responsibilities at K-State, has worked 2 internships for companies in his field of interest during his Soph and Jr summers, and now has received a job offer from one of those companies prior to starting his Sr. year at K-State. So what has my nephew done that has allowed him these opportunities? He did what you saw above. He has given full effort in life to set himself up for success. He had no connections, he made the connections through his success. Isn’t it amazing how lucky he is?

Tim Tebow shared his Heart “Hard Work beats Talent, when Talent doesn’t Work Hard.”

In the south, football is life in high school. In NW AR, they hosted a 7 on 7 tournament with 40 teams from 14 states to compete. But this event is more than football. They also combine character, leadership and faith in to the weekend. I am not a Tim Tebow cult follower, but I am very aware of the platform he has for Christ. Tebow spent the day with the athletes at their tournament, but then closed out the day with an inspirational and challenge to accept Jesus Christ. He wan’t flashy, he was the Tim Tebow you often see others criticize for being humble and living out his faith daily. This young man has a great platform to share the Gospel. Here are a few Tebow quotes from last night:

“Hard Work beats Talent, when Talent doesn’t Work Hard.”

“I never woke up saying I want to be average. Be great!”

“Don’t be afraid to be bold. Be different. There are teams who will want you in their lockeroom.”

“After winning the BCS National Championship and having worn John 3:16 on my eye black, 94 million people Googled John 3:16. I didn’t think there was anyway 94 million people didn’t know John 3:16.”

Tim’s whole talk last night started out as character and life, but he had a purpose. After winning the championship, Coach Meyer hugged him and said, “I love you. I am proud of you. You finished strong.” This allowed Tim to then share about Christ to each of the 700 attendees last night. It was powerful.

So What’s Your Excuse for NOT Accomplishing Your Goals and Dreams?

Even “Inspirational” speakers need to be inspired and keep focused on goals and dreams.  This video is about a young man who has gone on to perform with excellence in an industry that many thought he may not have a shot.  Is there any chance that when you are sick and tired of not achieving goals in your life that you could get back up and try again after viewing this video?   Richie Parker designs NASCAR components with his feet.

Before Facebook, I didn’t really know how You felt about a Subject

Before 2009, none of my family was on Facebook.  We actually gave the FREE service to our children as a Christmas gift.  AAAAAAAALL their friends had FB pages, but our children didn’t for nearly a year.  And since we are parents, parenting our children, we allowed them to have a FB profile when we let them.  Fast forward to 2013 and now FB is a way to be in constant communication for many areas of our lives.  We can learn just about anything about anyone if we want to based on their pics, posts, likes and so on.  If you read my blogs or posts, you know that I am huge fan of Personal Responsibility.  Here’s a FB post I made regarding this topic:

I just visited a FB page that has very opposite views of mine on many topics. I would suggest they rename it to:
“You DON’T have to take Personal Responsibility for Your Life Decisions and My Life is Someone Else’s Fault and the Government can Fix Everything for Me.”


Life is not roses and puppies, so every now and then I have to put up a shock post to wake some folks up.  :o)

Lasting Friendships in Sports Because You Battled Together

I was not the greatest athlete, but I have always been a competitor.  I had the privilege of playing baseball for a small college in Western Kansas for all four of my years.  Along the way, some players stayed on and some came and went.  While you are a team, you will always find the brothers that you can share a bond with long after the arm and swing are gone.  I have followed one of teammates from afar as he took his passion and leadership from the playing field to the sidelines as a coach.  Just recently, I caught up with him as his team was making a run for the NCAA World Series in Omaha, but they fell a few games short.  He had the pitchers throwing waterballs in the rain working on their “fundamentals”.  They have a beautiful field at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.  Kirk Kelley is a great leader of young men.


Tell a story with Pictures (and a few words)

Thank you to the International Association of Administrative Professionals for allowing me to present their “after lunch” keynote. A special thanks also to Soar With Eagles meeting planners for supporting the overall planning of the conference.  I think you will feel the fun during this video of still photos.

Every type of Business is a People Business

This week, Scott had the opportunity to present for a traditional manufacturing company with plants in multiple states and internationally. The main focus of the conference was sharing  outcomes of quality initiatives developed and demonstrated by those attending.  So if that is the case, why was Scott part of this equation?  He is not a manufacturing expert.  Who were the attendees?  What roles did they have within the company?  Were they in charge of leading others towards success and achieving excellence?  Absolutely.

Even when the focus is on quality, on-time delivery, service and cost containment, it takes PEOPLE to make this happen.  Rockline Industries invested to provide personal development for their leaders at this conference.  When leaders are “in control” of their personality and understand the personalities of their team, then they should be much more effective in communicating with them.  Will Rockline get an ROI on their investment?

Colleen Vollbrecht, Continuous Learning and Development Manager, “We All have a Hand in Quality Conference”
“The training Scott provided our team yesterday was referred to multiple times today. It obviously had a big impact.  Thanks for helping make our event a success.”


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Highlight video of Training in TX

We had the opportunity to capture some of the moments during the training in TX last week. Energy, passion, fun, thought provoking, specifics, team building, etc.  You name it, we did it.

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