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Passionate about Public Education

Since having children, I have learned the value of public education and the difficulties associated with a quality education being available to all American citizens. There’s a new documentary out called “Waiting for Superman” and talks about the lottery system within some charter school cities.  The blog post I want you to read is by an educator talking about all the challenges faced by many public schools.

So often, we live in the world we know and can’t see the need of others or the “real” challenges they face daily.

1.  Be thankful if you do not face daily challenges of abuse (physical, substance, etc.), have transportation, food on the table, etc.

2.  Understand that children do not have control over their circumstances and if we want to build a great nation, ALL our children need to have the opportunity to grow and develop in a healthy environment and culture.

3.  My organization Schools And Families Engaged (S.A.F.E. TEAM on Campus) believes in the following for students to graduate: Attendance, Attachment, Achievement and Attainment.

Dear Ms. Winfrey blog post

If you think you are in a tough sales market, try real estate.

Imagine the challenges facing the full-time, business owner focused real estate agent/broker. I don’t know if these are the toughest times ever, but there are definitely some challenges out there.  When faced with adversity, do you get bitter or get better?  My one day with the AR Realtors Association was an experience of working with a team of people who are striving to become the best in their field and be known as the best.  With many associations facing membership challenges, know that those who are actively engaged in these association continue to be the ones with a vision for the future.  Below is a comment from one of the attendees:

“I very much enjoyed your class and felt that the personality analysis was dead on! That exercise would be a perfect team building exercise for any employer or association to perform in teaching them how to structure manpower to best suit the effectiveness in their business. Looking forward to going to your website to see what other interesting exercises you have. Thanks for being a participant in our convention and look forward to seeing you there again sometime!”

Bill Olson, Zone 1 Board of Director, Arkansas Realtors Association (Annual Conference)


So what is the talent or gift you have been given?

Teaching and training is a gift I have been given. Every day that I have the opportunity to teach or train with a company, school system, organization or association, it fires me up even more.

Yesterday, I spent a couple sessions with the AR Realtors Association.  During my workshop “Are You Who You Think You Are”, we went in to depth on the model of human behavior.  The understanding  of what was  taught was amplified during the Q&A session at the end.  I enjoy hearing the attendees connecting the message to their reality of working with people.



What’s your excuse for not achieving your potential?

I guess I can thank God for wiring me to have a positive outlook on my life or that I accept the timeline/journey He has for my life. Then again, maybe I just choose to live this way.  Whatever the reason, I am inspired by many and it usually comes through written word, a movie or verbal story.  Make time to read about Zach Lipson “Perseverance Pays Off for Student Manager“.  So what’s your excuse for not achieving?  Are you over it yet?

It’s good to get better as you get older(more seasoned).

Feedback is important to know if you are effective at what you set out to accomplish or if you need improvement. Even though I am just 6 months older, it was good to hear I taught better than last time.   Maybe I am aging gracefully.

“Thanks so much for being there yesterday.  You presentation was even better than last time.  I have heard so many good compliments.  You really meet the audience right where they need it.  Even more insightful for me this time than last.”   – Butch Scruggs, Director


Doesn’t every member of your team need training?

It seems like some team members are overlooked when deciding whether to invest time and money to provide training for them. This is not the case for RMG’s team whom I just finished training for  my third time in about 6 years.  Once again, their management brought in their wait staff trainers to not only provide them skills as a trainer, but to help them develop personally.   RMG has a vision to have the best people on their team so their customers will come back often for their excellent service.

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