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Where Do You Give Away Your Time and Talents?

Through my volunteerism with the Boy Scouts, I met a communications professor at the University of Arkansas.  Together we taught the Communications merit badge back in March.  During those 8 hours of teaching we had a chance to talk and learned that we shared a faith in Christ.  She asked me if I would be willing to teach and share for her sons’ youth group.  I agreed and last week, my son and I participated and had an incredible night of praise and worship with this faith-filled group of young people 15-22 years old.  I wish you could have been there to watch young people who do not judge others come together and worship.  It was AWESOME!!  Here’s the pic and Facebook post after that night.

“Scott Huse and Hunter Huse came out to youth group tonight and WOW what a treat! Scott challenged us with the words in Philippians: Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. He asked us to look at our gifts and our struggles.”


Tim Tebow shared his Heart “Hard Work beats Talent, when Talent doesn’t Work Hard.”

In the south, football is life in high school. In NW AR, they hosted a 7 on 7 tournament with 40 teams from 14 states to compete. But this event is more than football. They also combine character, leadership and faith in to the weekend. I am not a Tim Tebow cult follower, but I am very aware of the platform he has for Christ. Tebow spent the day with the athletes at their tournament, but then closed out the day with an inspirational and challenge to accept Jesus Christ. He wan’t flashy, he was the Tim Tebow you often see others criticize for being humble and living out his faith daily. This young man has a great platform to share the Gospel. Here are a few Tebow quotes from last night:

“Hard Work beats Talent, when Talent doesn’t Work Hard.”

“I never woke up saying I want to be average. Be great!”

“Don’t be afraid to be bold. Be different. There are teams who will want you in their lockeroom.”

“After winning the BCS National Championship and having worn John 3:16 on my eye black, 94 million people Googled John 3:16. I didn’t think there was anyway 94 million people didn’t know John 3:16.”

Tim’s whole talk last night started out as character and life, but he had a purpose. After winning the championship, Coach Meyer hugged him and said, “I love you. I am proud of you. You finished strong.” This allowed Tim to then share about Christ to each of the 700 attendees last night. It was powerful.

It was a God Thing

So how about a God thing tonight?  5+ yrs ago, Kevin Miles came in to my life and I watched from afar as a man chased a vision God gave him to start Go the Distance Ministries. Their purpose is to help men and women: Recover their PASSION, Find and live their PURPOSE, Restore their Hearts to live in FREEDOM and Enjoy LIFE in God. This past weekend I accepted Kevin’s invitation to participate in Hearts Alive & Free in Michigan. (based on John Eldridge’s Ransomed Heart ministries.) Question for you that hit me this weekend: Are you authentic or a poser? If you Are who you Aren’t, then you Aren’t who you Are. It was a great weekend for getting FREE!!!


How Long have You Served Others?

For the last 15 years, I have volunteered at my church’s K-2 elementary ministry by teaching and leading worship for the children. As the vision has grown for different ways to teach about God’s love for us, 4-6 week themes are utilized to engage the children/students. This is another one of the stage sets and costumes we are utilizing to kick off the year.    To bad my wife wasn’t there to see me in uniform. I need to bring it home and wear it while I watch Armageddon.  Maybe I need costumes when I am on the road speaking.


Promote what you believe in!

One of the organizations I have learned to appreciate is Family First. They are out of Tampa, FL and sponsor the All Pro Dad and iMom programs.  You can learn more at their sites, but the All Pro Dad “Play of the Day” is a must for any husband, father or son.  Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of it.

Here’s the latest play of the day titled, 10 ways to not waste your life.” This type of thought process always fires me up.  Give your life everything you’ve got.

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