Great stuff from my mentor and financial advisor, Dave Ramsey.
Dave is reading responses on his radio show to a survey question asked of parents regarding their concern for their children’s future: “The biggest concern is the job market and the cost of college. Hmm, I hear that and I think people have missed the point. Parents are no longer teaching lemonade stands. See, every kid outa have a lemonade stand, walk a dog, shovel poop, mow grass, babysit the neighbors brats/children. Are we so socialized that we look out on the landscape of America and ask who is going to give me a job. That implies that you have inherent worth because you breathe air……A waitress has no value until they bring you your freakng food and if don’t do that well, you may not be good at it and bring no value….No body owes you a job…..Why don’t we teach people to look at the marketplace and say “How may I serve you?” “Mr. /Mrs. Employer how can I serve you. I am so valuable, I will accept you offer of $50k because I will bring $100k about revenue. How may I serve or assist you? How can fix your food, cut your grass, teach you? How may I add value to you marketplace? How may I sell you lemonade, pink, yellow or just water? What do you want, need or desire? What app do you need on your freaking iPhone? ……….The job market doesn’t look very promising because the ones asking that are freaking idiots…. Remember Operation Wall Street, they are morons loose in America. Parents it is your fault. You didnt’ teach them about the free enterprise system….. You know how Bill Gates became the richest man in the USA? He added value to peoples lives around the world. … He is a multi-billionaire and he deserves it.” This rant from the second hour of 6/28/2013 ‪#‎freeenterprise‬ ‪#‎daveramsey‬ ‪#‎personalresponsibility‬