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Give time and energy to those who are hungry to learn

When was the last time you were on a college campus other than when you attended or went to a sporting event?  How can you assist you local college or university to provide their students real life examples of the workplace environment, interviewing preparation, important skills, etc.?

Arkansas Tech University’s College of Business recently held a morning session inviting professionals with varied backgrounds from around the state to share their insights on the job marketplace.  I was one of two business owners on the panel, but the only way that gets paid to talk for a couple hours back to back.  The students were inspired by one of their alumni who graduated within the last two years, started a website programming company, sold it to a local business and now runs it within that company.  Hard work and determination paid for him early in his career.

During the Q & A session, I challenged the students to find a mentor, both personal and professional.  But most importantly, they need to be open to the mentors suggestions.  It is never easy to receive feedback or wisdom from someone else when you mind is made up, so they will need to stay open-minded and absorb the knowledge from this individual.

Make time to look for opportunities to give back in your community.  Help others find a way to succeed.


How are you Wired?

Here’s a great collection of pics from the IL PTA State Convention.  What a fun group to train on communication and human behavior.

ilpta disc

Keep Learning from Those Who have the Answers

If you have read my blog, you know that I am an advocate for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and his teaching/training.  The success of his ministry on the radio has now allowed his company to launch a live webstream of his show.  Please realize, that while God may have given a presenter like myself a gift to speak in front of others, I am constantly learning from those who know more on a subject than myself.  Watch Dave live or checkout the archives.



Even “Professional” Presenters Need to Wet Their Whistle

As a board member for Youth Strategies, a non-profit in Northwest Arkansas, I have volunteered this summer to teach/train the high school version of Financial Peace University.  Every Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks, we have been going through the content of FPU and inspiring these 20–25 students to think about their future and how money will affect their lives and decisions.   A new University of Arkansas intern was a guest in the class and posted this photo and pic on Facebook.

“One must be fully caffeinated to teach ‪#‎daveramsey‬‘s‪#‎financialpeaceuniversity‬ to a room full of high schoolers. ‪#‎youthstrategies‬ ‪#‎kumandgo‬ ‪#‎caffeine‬ — with Scott Huse and Scott Huse.”


So What’s Your Excuse for NOT Accomplishing Your Goals and Dreams?

Even “Inspirational” speakers need to be inspired and keep focused on goals and dreams.  This video is about a young man who has gone on to perform with excellence in an industry that many thought he may not have a shot.  Is there any chance that when you are sick and tired of not achieving goals in your life that you could get back up and try again after viewing this video?   Richie Parker designs NASCAR components with his feet.

Proud College Parents

Our daughter started her freshman year at Arkansas Tech University.  She made the cheer squad and since my wife and I are former cheerleaders for our high schools and college, it was only fitting that we were first in the spirit booth.


Latest Reference from a Happy Customer

Susana Bailey,V.P Assistant for Wal-Mart and IAAP Conference Chair (Annual Regional Conference)
Your presentation was the perfect mix of a serious business message, along with an  engaging, humorous  delivery.  As a host of the conference, it was really nice to enjoy a well prepared, yet spontaneous high energy session. Having attended one of your sessions previously, this once again was truly an enjoyable experience. Landing in the “personality section” that I was in, was right as rain! My personality shouts: “No worries – It will get done”! We hope to work with you again in the future. Thank you so much!


We All have a Hand in Quality Conference

They came from near and far to attend the Rockline Industries “We All have a Hand in Quality” conference held in Northwest Arkansas. Associates from Wisconsin,  New Jersey, Arkansas and the United Kingdom were present at the conference.  Each of the associates was sharing best practices related to ideas that were implemented within their plant locations.  With a focus on quality and teamwork, Scott conducted an after lunch keynote to train on human behavior and communication.

For those who have heard Scott speak, you will hear his phrase often “People are what Life and Business are All about.”  It’s about the People.

While the conference focus was themed around “quality”, it is always a good time to teach individuals about themselves and how they are wired and the best way for them to communicate with others.  Since the associates were from different parts of the company and the globe, it was interesting for them to see the strengths in each of their personalities.

Enjoy this quick video of pics that were taken during the conference and the smiles that were shared.   Contact Scott to present for your next conference or convention.

It was time to CELEBRATE my Mom!!

My mother, Marlene Rowe, will be retiring from her role in education as a principal and former teacher this June 2011. She has served as an educator for 39 years.  This past week, my family and I along with many extended family members, former teachers, students and friends joined together for a catholic mass in her honor and then several presentations were given.  My brother, Todd, and I were asked to share a few words about our mom.  The following are my words as I remember them that I shared from the podium.  It was an honor to stand before my mom and talk directly to her as her son and share just a few of the ways she has impacted my life.

100_6197“This past week, I registered my first child for college.  As my son and I were attending the orientation session, one of the admissions directors said, “the reason to finish your college degree is that education can go with you wherever you go.  Nobody can take it from you.  Once a graduate, always a graduate.”  Immediately that hit me because it was true that no one can take anything from your mind.

As I thought about my mom and what I would share today, what were some of the things she instilled in my mind and heart that can’t be taken away.  Three things came to the forefront: Faith, Family, and Education.

First there is Faith.  The foundation of my faith comes from my mother and her example.  All of her life, my mother has walked consistently as a Christian woman.

Next is Family.  As individuals, we live our own lives and start as a son/daughter then a husband/wife and end as a father/mother.  But as a son or daughter, we actually watch our parent’s lives in reverse.  My mom has been there to love and encourage me and I seem to experience this more and more even in to my 40’s.  If you are in the 8th grade, please raise your hand.  Listen to me when I say, your mother is much wiser than you think she is right now and you will appreciate her in a few short years.

As a wife, I saw commitment from my mom.  She showed me that she values marriage.  Marriage isn’t easy but it is worth it.

As of these last several years, I have observed her as a daughter.  Many of you know that we lost my grandmother Margaret Manley a few years ago.  During that time and still today, with my granddad Bud Manley at 95 years old, I have seen my mom love and care for her parents.  Some of you students have made cards during holidays to send to the residents of the Forum Home close to the school.  While her job at school ends every day, she then goes every day to see granddad and to care for him.

While I didn’t personally value Education and the opportunity it offered in my early years., I did enjoy my social time at school vs. striving for the grades.  But when I think about my mom’s 39 years as an educator, dedication is a word that sums it up.  Through her dedication as a teacher and administrator my mom has provided the opportunity of life change for her students through education.

This day is a celebration for you mom.  Congratulations for all you have accomplished!  I love you.”

Who are the mentors in your life? (Live clip of Scott)

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