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Promote what you believe in!

One of the organizations I have learned to appreciate is Family First. They are out of Tampa, FL and sponsor the All Pro Dad and iMom programs.  You can learn more at their sites, but the All Pro Dad “Play of the Day” is a must for any husband, father or son.  Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of it.

Here’s the latest play of the day titled, 10 ways to not waste your life.” This type of thought process always fires me up.  Give your life everything you’ve got.

What’s your excuse for not achieving your potential?

I guess I can thank God for wiring me to have a positive outlook on my life or that I accept the timeline/journey He has for my life. Then again, maybe I just choose to live this way.  Whatever the reason, I am inspired by many and it usually comes through written word, a movie or verbal story.  Make time to read about Zach Lipson “Perseverance Pays Off for Student Manager“.  So what’s your excuse for not achieving?  Are you over it yet?

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