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Highlight video of Training in TX

We had the opportunity to capture some of the moments during the training in TX last week. Energy, passion, fun, thought provoking, specifics, team building, etc.  You name it, we did it.

Are you providing the training needed so your team can become BETTER?

Last week, I was in Midland/Odessa, TX presenting for a local company, Total Office Solution (TOS), with Northwest Arkansas business owner Tim Stanley of Total Document Solutions. Now I typically have fun training on the topics I present, but we added a little flavor to this training in TX.  TOS had a specific intent to train on the personality types and communication styles so their team could improve upon their level of sales and service.  The added twist to the presentation was incorporating a business owner from the same industry, but NOT the same market, to teach on branding, desired outcomes, achieving goals, etc.  It was condensed to a half-day session and designed for not only each individual to gain insight on themselves, but for the company’s leadership to see their overall team dynamics.

What will be their ROI for this training session?  The leadership team has already expressed that they will incorporate what they have learned about the opportunities within each personality type to develop the skills of their team members.  Additionally, the company is a for-profit organization.  As confirmed in the meeting, everyone in the company is part of the marketing team because everyone represents the company no matter what role they are in (e.g. delivery, customer service, sales, billing, etc.).  As a whole, there was an understanding for the need to position the TOS brand as the SOLUTION within their market because quality service is now surpassing the desire for a specific brand of product.

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New Tech Tip through a Facebook Friend’s Comment

This is a great reason to stay connected on Facebook, because your friends ask questions and their friends can also answer them who you are not connected to. This was a FREE piece of technology I didn’t know about for keeping my computer systems optimized.  (In non-tech speak that means, it allows your computer to go a little faster, clean up old useless files, and organize it better. )  The FREE version of Advance System Care 3 doesn’t allow for scheduling the software to automatically do it, so schedule yourself weekly to click their icon.  It’s a no brainer.


Who are the mentors in your life? (Live clip of Scott)

So what websites and software allow you to be successful?

Having had success running a company and organization with a low budget mindset, I have been asked to share what services we utilize to keep us going and growing. As I think of the connections, software and services, I will be posting them on my Links page near the middle bottom as FREE and PAID. Check out the list to see how many you already use.

Do you live it or just talk about it?

12 years ago, I got started back in school after a school shooting tragedy. 7 yrs later after volunteering and learning, I got to lead that organization that helped me see the vision to participate in my children’s education.  All that experience provided a vision for the next level of program to increase family engagement and school safety. The difference is there are some who simply talk about it, and then there are those who still do it and live in the trenches to keep learning and improving.  Promoting is when you believe in something and most likely you are actively engaged in the process/program. Ask those who are selling/promoting about their personal activity in regards to what they are asking you to do. If they aren’t investing time/money doing it, do they really believe in it?  Talk is cheap.  Action is everything.

When was the last time you upgraded?

Okay, I don’t mean you personally or your computer technology.  But how about your business card?

I remember reading the book You, Inc.  As a person you are your own corporation.  You make the decision on the type of product you provide as a person and how marketable you are.  With my new site updated, I thought I would do a quick upgrade to my business card also.  My old card reflected my theme of “Time to Share” which I utilize throughout my keynotes.  I have gone with the “Checkered Flag” theme (not for my southern NASCAR fans) based on my closing quote when working with individuals and teams, “Focus and Finish Your Race”.  No one can do it for you.

bus cardIt was good to upgrade the card with the title, phone number, email, skype id, etc.

vista logo Thank you Vista Print for a simple to use service.  I will add them to my Links page under a new category called Paid Sites/Software.


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