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Tech Update: Live chat is now on our site and available for your organization also.

If you want to step right in to real-time communication with your customer, here’s a FREE way to go. Volusion is a web-based software, but you will download the application to run it from the support person’s computer.  The more ways you customer can reach you, the better the experience to meet their needs for communication.   You will see our LIVE HELP online or offline.  Talk to us when we are online.  See it on the LINKS page.


So what websites and software allow you to be successful?

Having had success running a company and organization with a low budget mindset, I have been asked to share what services we utilize to keep us going and growing. As I think of the connections, software and services, I will be posting them on my Links page near the middle bottom as FREE and PAID. Check out the list to see how many you already use.

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