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We All have a Hand in Quality Conference

They came from near and far to attend the Rockline Industries “We All have a Hand in Quality” conference held in Northwest Arkansas. Associates from Wisconsin,  New Jersey, Arkansas and the United Kingdom were present at the conference.  Each of the associates was sharing best practices related to ideas that were implemented within their plant locations.  With a focus on quality and teamwork, Scott conducted an after lunch keynote to train on human behavior and communication.

For those who have heard Scott speak, you will hear his phrase often “People are what Life and Business are All about.”  It’s about the People.

While the conference focus was themed around “quality”, it is always a good time to teach individuals about themselves and how they are wired and the best way for them to communicate with others.  Since the associates were from different parts of the company and the globe, it was interesting for them to see the strengths in each of their personalities.

Enjoy this quick video of pics that were taken during the conference and the smiles that were shared.   Contact Scott to present for your next conference or convention.

How Valuable is it to be part of a Professional Association?

Last week I had the opportunity to train a workshop and keynote for the International Association of Administrative Professionals regional conference for OK and AR. Many of these individuals are executive assistants to top leaders in their companies.  In my own mind, I try to think about the challenges they face on a daily basis, not only working with their individual manager(boss), but several of the attendees were the only administrator within a whole department at a corporation.  Can you imagine the types of individuals and personalities they learn to deal with on a daily basis?  I don’t know for sure, but I am curious how much training is offered for administrative support teams to excel and reach their full potential?

I heard some excellent stories during both of my sessions, but my most memorable time was during my keynote as we played a round of the Family Feud.  It is always fun to watch the competition come out amongst teams.  What I realized during my 2-3 hours at the conference, is these members had a camaraderie due to their professional experiences.  When you mention like-minded individuals, this association (like most) is targeted.  This allows for the attendees and members to learn from and discuss real-time topics to support each other.

So what associations should I be more involved with to become better?  Which ones should you not only join, but become an active member to grow and develop in your role?


How is your Team built?

So what is the model of human behavior for the individuals on your team? That may depend on the roles and responsibilities of the team you have in place.  Recently, Scott conducted a training session in TX for Document Solutions Inc., an authorized Xerox agency.  Within this company, 70% of the team tested out as the great personality type of “D” Dominate (on the DISC personality profile).  They are both Outgoing and Task oriented.

When you think about their roles, you may not be surprised at the percentage rate.  While in society, only 10% of the average population is a Dominate type, certain roles/positions may attract and require this asset to be successful.  In this case, the largest portion of this team were territory/direct sales representatives.  In essence, they ran their own companies within the company.  To be able to achieve your goals in this position, you need to have a determined focus to stay on task and go for it!

So can people who are NOT “D” personality types also be successful?  Absolutely.  But the role you accept may require you to change and grow to develop a little more “D” in you to achieve your targets.

doc solutions

Every type of Business is a People Business

This week, Scott had the opportunity to present for a traditional manufacturing company with plants in multiple states and internationally. The main focus of the conference was sharing  outcomes of quality initiatives developed and demonstrated by those attending.  So if that is the case, why was Scott part of this equation?  He is not a manufacturing expert.  Who were the attendees?  What roles did they have within the company?  Were they in charge of leading others towards success and achieving excellence?  Absolutely.

Even when the focus is on quality, on-time delivery, service and cost containment, it takes PEOPLE to make this happen.  Rockline Industries invested to provide personal development for their leaders at this conference.  When leaders are “in control” of their personality and understand the personalities of their team, then they should be much more effective in communicating with them.  Will Rockline get an ROI on their investment?

Colleen Vollbrecht, Continuous Learning and Development Manager, “We All have a Hand in Quality Conference”
“The training Scott provided our team yesterday was referred to multiple times today. It obviously had a big impact.  Thanks for helping make our event a success.”


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Effective Leaders Communicate Effectively

Arkansas PTA had Scott keynote for their convention in April. For many volunteer-based organizations, they like to offer professional trainers to support their leaders.  The goal is to increase their skill levels to be more effective communicators.

Highlight video of Training in TX

We had the opportunity to capture some of the moments during the training in TX last week. Energy, passion, fun, thought provoking, specifics, team building, etc.  You name it, we did it.

Are you providing the training needed so your team can become BETTER?

Last week, I was in Midland/Odessa, TX presenting for a local company, Total Office Solution (TOS), with Northwest Arkansas business owner Tim Stanley of Total Document Solutions. Now I typically have fun training on the topics I present, but we added a little flavor to this training in TX.  TOS had a specific intent to train on the personality types and communication styles so their team could improve upon their level of sales and service.  The added twist to the presentation was incorporating a business owner from the same industry, but NOT the same market, to teach on branding, desired outcomes, achieving goals, etc.  It was condensed to a half-day session and designed for not only each individual to gain insight on themselves, but for the company’s leadership to see their overall team dynamics.

What will be their ROI for this training session?  The leadership team has already expressed that they will incorporate what they have learned about the opportunities within each personality type to develop the skills of their team members.  Additionally, the company is a for-profit organization.  As confirmed in the meeting, everyone in the company is part of the marketing team because everyone represents the company no matter what role they are in (e.g. delivery, customer service, sales, billing, etc.).  As a whole, there was an understanding for the need to position the TOS brand as the SOLUTION within their market because quality service is now surpassing the desire for a specific brand of product.

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Sometimes you need to Giveaway your Talents to Encourage Others

Scott had the privilege of attending his first Toastmasters chapter meeting this week in Conway, AR. While he has presented at a Toastmasters Regional conference a couple years ago, he hadn’t attended a local chapter meeting.  Hewlett-Packard (HP) has an office with over 1,200 employees in Conway.  Scott was invited to present for the current HP chapter that resides on their campus.  If you haven’t attended or been a part of Toastmasters, it may be right for you.  “Toastmasters is a learn-by-doing workshop in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a friendly atmosphere.”

Follow this one for a second, Scott’s friend’s son works for HP and is the current President of the chapter.  He asked Scott if he wouldn’t mind stopping by to attend the meeting and then conduct a short presentation for the group.  Scott said after the program, “It seemed to be the perfect storm for me after hearing the first two speeches delivered that day on Social Selling/Calling and Fear Management.  It all has to do with communication and people skills.  After the 2nd speech I presented for less than 10 minutes on the DISC personality profile and was able to tie in the success points of different personalities.  We were able to incorporate many points brought in by the previous speeches since they were talking about the specific skills needed within roles filled by people. ”

As always, Scott’s gifts are energy and passion when he communicates with a group.  “It was encouraging to see brand new employees sitting alongside veterans being challenged to standup and speak on a prepared or spontaneous topic.  As someone in the industry that has the opportunity to be considered a professional in the ‘speaking business’, there is always a time and place to inspire others to know they can do it too.  I appreciated the opportunity to be a small part of their meeting.”


This side note is for the assigned Grammarian at the meeting.  The role of the Grammarian is to share the Word of the Day and to count the  (so, um, ah, alright, like, etc.) during a speech.  At the end of the meeting, the Grammarian reports on all the (so, um, ah, etc.) per person that spoke.  Scott stated, “It was a true accountability moment to learn as a presenter.”  They didn’t track Scott’s officially, but he will self-proclaim one ‘so’.   Additionally Scott wanted to share, “While I went in to the meeting with a perception of a laid back atmosphere and just a good time getting together with others, I soon learned of the gravitas for how the meeting is conducted.”

Life is about Learning: Scott trains on People Skills and Communication

Conference planners are always looking for quality content from their presenters , but many hope that the presenter can offer it in a way that will be interactive with the attendees. Here’s a clip from a recent presentation, where Scott had the 400+ attendees broken out by personality types around the room.  Hear it, see it and experience it are critical elements for an audience to retain what they learn.

Success with the Nebraska PTA team!

“Scott brings an instant enthusiasm to any conference or workshop. He works with you to define your goals and then delivers a spot on message. Our attendees enjoyed his spirit, wisdom and interactive delivery”.

Melani Luedtke-Taylor, Immediate Past President, Nebraska PTA


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