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Even “Professional” Presenters Need to Wet Their Whistle

As a board member for Youth Strategies, a non-profit in Northwest Arkansas, I have volunteered this summer to teach/train the high school version of Financial Peace University.  Every Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks, we have been going through the content of FPU and inspiring these 20–25 students to think about their future and how money will affect their lives and decisions.   A new University of Arkansas intern was a guest in the class and posted this photo and pic on Facebook.

“One must be fully caffeinated to teach ‪#‎daveramsey‬‘s‪#‎financialpeaceuniversity‬ to a room full of high schoolers. ‪#‎youthstrategies‬ ‪#‎kumandgo‬ ‪#‎caffeine‬ — with Scott Huse and Scott Huse.”


Great Insight: “How may I serve you?”

Great stuff from my mentor and financial advisor, Dave Ramsey.
Dave is reading responses on his radio show to a survey question asked of parents regarding their concern for their children’s future: “The biggest concern is the job market and the cost of college. Hmm, I hear that and I think people have missed the point. Parents are no longer teaching lemonade stands. See, every kid outa have a lemonade stand, walk a dog, shovel poop, mow grass, babysit the neighbors brats/children. Are we so socialized that we look out on the landscape of America and ask who is going to give me a job. That implies that you have inherent worth because you breathe air……A waitress has no value until they bring you your freakng food and if don’t do that well, you may not be good at it and bring no value….No body owes you a job…..Why don’t we teach people to look at the marketplace and say “How may I serve you?” “Mr. /Mrs. Employer how can I serve you. I am so valuable, I will accept you offer of $50k because I will bring $100k about revenue. How may I serve or assist you? How can fix your food, cut your grass, teach you? How may I add value to you marketplace? How may I sell you lemonade, pink, yellow or just water? What do you want, need or desire? What app do you need on your freaking iPhone? ……….The job market doesn’t look very promising because the ones asking that are freaking idiots…. Remember Operation Wall Street, they are morons loose in America. Parents it is your fault. You didnt’ teach them about the free enterprise system….. You know how Bill Gates became the richest man in the USA? He added value to peoples lives around the world. … He is a multi-billionaire and he deserves it.” This rant from the second hour of 6/28/2013 ‪#‎freeenterprise‬ ‪#‎daveramsey‬ ‪#‎personalresponsibility‬

This Is What Success Looks Like

Here’s a pic (not all are pictured) of our graduating Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class. Since we started the class 9 weeks ago, here are some stats:

1. Over $160k in credit card offers by mail have been declined and shredded.
2. $78k in debt has been paid off so far.
3. 15 credit card accounts were closed and chopped up during our class. :o)
4. An additional $35k is accessible in savings.

Which Baby Step are you on?

“Live like no one else so you can some day live and give like no one else.” – Dave Ramsey


Marriage isn’t Easy, but there are a few stats that could Benefit a Marriage

I love watching married couples do real life together.  It is not easy to be married but when you battle through the challenges and stay committed great things can happen.  Here’s Dave Ramsey‘s quote of the day:

“If 52% of marriages end in divorce, what can our children do to beat the odds. A recent study showed that marriages only have a 20% divorce rate when the following factors are present:

1. 6 month or longer engagement.
2. Detailed and in-depth pre-marriage counseling. Have agreement regarding $$, religion, children and crazy in-laws.
3. Both sets parents are still married.
4. Both graduate from college.
5. Marriage occurs after both are 22 yrs or older.
6. Combined avg. income of $50k or more. (As college grads it should be higher.)
7. Both attend regularly at a house of worship.

The lower your income, the more likely you are to “shack up” and not commit to marriage. But if you do live together prior to marriage, there’s an 88% likelihood that you will get a divorce.”

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