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Inspire Everyone, Especially Our Youth

I am grateful for every opportunity I have to connect with young people and provide them a vision for the potential in their life.  Everyone comes from a different background and their experiences mold who they are.  Sometimes it can be that person who doesn’t know their ever move that comes in and can help them capture the “who I can be” vs. “who I am”.  We held series of events to impact the education and family community of Rankin County School District in MS.  They are dedicated to offering programming to support the needs of their students, staff and families.

This first pic is after we spoke to a local group of high school students.

rcsd nwsppr article

As we talked about Family Engagement, a strong team from the community attended the lunch session.

rcds 1

My son, Hunter, joined me to present “Diagnosis to Graduation” which is our family’s story about Hunter’s life on the Autism Spectrum.

h s rdcs


A Talent I Do Not Have

I can still draw the same cartoon face that I did when I was in 5th grade but I never progressed in my sketching talent.  At the CO PTA state convention, one of the member’s sons was at the after party free-sketching protraits.  I very much appreciate the chiseled chin and slimming features he provided me.  And “Yes”, I still had on the camo paint for the protrait.


Engaging the Future Business Leaders of America

What do you do with a group of 700+ high school students in the same room?  Get them involved in the learning process by experiencing the model of human behavior in breakout groups.  This was a great bunch of students!

Har-Ber High 121

Har-Ber High 122

Of course it helps to be an effective speaker while standing on a chair for a stage.

Har-Ber High 123



It’s Okay to Look Back, just Don’t Live in It

I was decluttering over the weekend and found a newspaper clipping from 5 years ago. This is from the first leadership conference I was able to participate in as both a keynote/workshop and with multiple speakers in one day.  It was one of those “I remember it like yesterday” moments because of the unique format of the workshops.  For each breakout session, only two speakers were offered to the attendees.  Prior to the breakout time and after a keynote, those two presenters were required to go on stage and “sell” their workshop to the audience so they can make an informed decision.  To a natural “upfront personality type” ,  I ate it up.  So did the other guy with me who happened to also be named Scott.  We co-branded our promotion time as “Whichever you choose, you won’t go wrong with Scott.”

On the other hand, I remember during our promotion rehearsal time that some of the other speakers were very nervous about this opportunity to sell themselves.  It reminds me how some people want a piece of paper to tell their story and are not prepared for the interview.  I constantly remind myself to think like a business owner when I with people.  Not that I constantly selling a product or service, but how I present myself is very important to build trust and confidence in a relationship.  While enjoyed that moment in the bright lights, I realize I can’t live it everyday, but I can learn from it.

soar higher ldrshp conf 001

Experience It to Remember It

As an individual who has sat through conferences and workshops, I always enjoyed having the opportunity to get up and physically move so that I was an active member in the presentation. I make my audiences aware of this by sharing the following:   You remember 10% of what your Hear, 15% of what you Read and 80% of what you Experience.  Oftentimes when you are part of a team building exercise they use experiences to show cause and effect.  I have been and learned from some of the best.  (Mike Hall with Strong Fathers Strong Families and Dr. Robert Rohm with Personality Insights whom I am a consultant)  It is the heart of how I teach and train.  What did you experience today that you will never forget?

Are you scared to ask for Feedback from your audience?

Feedback is very important for each of us to receive to make sure we are fulfilling the goals we set out to accomplish or to confirm we are meeting the needs of our customers. We need to make sure we are receiving both the constructive and positive comments to consistently improve the message we are delivering.

My son, Hunter, and I spoke for our local NWA Autism Support group to share on the challenges/successes of Hunter’s life:  “From Diagnosis to Graduation”.  Since this was our first time to give this presentation, immediate feedback is good.  1. We have to get our tech running smoothly.  I hate when that happens!  2.  Dad, that’s me, needs to make sure his son has more time to share. (Translated: Dad stop talking.)  3.  The content was on the mark.

Here are a couple of specific emails we received from attendees.

“Awesome, inspirational and convicting!  I need to be tougher and do MUCH less for our son.  I left with hope and motivation to make some changes.   Most importantly, Hunter is an amazing testimony on overcoming challenges of autism and rising to show his gift of speaking and sharing.  He is just a sweet kid.  Plus, wow, amazing eye contact as he talked to our son.   He put a huge smile on his face.     Just a great example of awesome loving parents and their commitment to not settle.   Love it!  Off my soap box now.   Thank you for offering this. “ – Melanie


NWA Autism logo

Make sure your Local Market knows about YOU!

Famous Joke:  What’s the difference between a sales rep and a consultant?  A consultant travels for a couple of hours and carries a briefcase.

Because most of my presentations are out-of-state and with large organizations, I often feel like I am neglecting my opportunities to speak in my own backyard.  I thought I would do a little local advertising/marketing to smaller employers with our social media group  and their promo NWA Deal Piggy.  Checkout my ad.

Deal Piggy HA blog

Tell a story with Pictures (and a few words)

Thank you to the International Association of Administrative Professionals for allowing me to present their “after lunch” keynote. A special thanks also to Soar With Eagles meeting planners for supporting the overall planning of the conference.  I think you will feel the fun during this video of still photos.

Are you providing the training needed so your team can become BETTER?

Last week, I was in Midland/Odessa, TX presenting for a local company, Total Office Solution (TOS), with Northwest Arkansas business owner Tim Stanley of Total Document Solutions. Now I typically have fun training on the topics I present, but we added a little flavor to this training in TX.  TOS had a specific intent to train on the personality types and communication styles so their team could improve upon their level of sales and service.  The added twist to the presentation was incorporating a business owner from the same industry, but NOT the same market, to teach on branding, desired outcomes, achieving goals, etc.  It was condensed to a half-day session and designed for not only each individual to gain insight on themselves, but for the company’s leadership to see their overall team dynamics.

What will be their ROI for this training session?  The leadership team has already expressed that they will incorporate what they have learned about the opportunities within each personality type to develop the skills of their team members.  Additionally, the company is a for-profit organization.  As confirmed in the meeting, everyone in the company is part of the marketing team because everyone represents the company no matter what role they are in (e.g. delivery, customer service, sales, billing, etc.).  As a whole, there was an understanding for the need to position the TOS brand as the SOLUTION within their market because quality service is now surpassing the desire for a specific brand of product.

Click on the Contact Scott link at the top of the page to discuss a training for your team.


Sometimes you need to Giveaway your Talents to Encourage Others

Scott had the privilege of attending his first Toastmasters chapter meeting this week in Conway, AR. While he has presented at a Toastmasters Regional conference a couple years ago, he hadn’t attended a local chapter meeting.  Hewlett-Packard (HP) has an office with over 1,200 employees in Conway.  Scott was invited to present for the current HP chapter that resides on their campus.  If you haven’t attended or been a part of Toastmasters, it may be right for you.  “Toastmasters is a learn-by-doing workshop in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a friendly atmosphere.”

Follow this one for a second, Scott’s friend’s son works for HP and is the current President of the chapter.  He asked Scott if he wouldn’t mind stopping by to attend the meeting and then conduct a short presentation for the group.  Scott said after the program, “It seemed to be the perfect storm for me after hearing the first two speeches delivered that day on Social Selling/Calling and Fear Management.  It all has to do with communication and people skills.  After the 2nd speech I presented for less than 10 minutes on the DISC personality profile and was able to tie in the success points of different personalities.  We were able to incorporate many points brought in by the previous speeches since they were talking about the specific skills needed within roles filled by people. ”

As always, Scott’s gifts are energy and passion when he communicates with a group.  “It was encouraging to see brand new employees sitting alongside veterans being challenged to standup and speak on a prepared or spontaneous topic.  As someone in the industry that has the opportunity to be considered a professional in the ‘speaking business’, there is always a time and place to inspire others to know they can do it too.  I appreciated the opportunity to be a small part of their meeting.”


This side note is for the assigned Grammarian at the meeting.  The role of the Grammarian is to share the Word of the Day and to count the  (so, um, ah, alright, like, etc.) during a speech.  At the end of the meeting, the Grammarian reports on all the (so, um, ah, etc.) per person that spoke.  Scott stated, “It was a true accountability moment to learn as a presenter.”  They didn’t track Scott’s officially, but he will self-proclaim one ‘so’.   Additionally Scott wanted to share, “While I went in to the meeting with a perception of a laid back atmosphere and just a good time getting together with others, I soon learned of the gravitas for how the meeting is conducted.”

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