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No one personality type is the best one.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to train 35+  agent owners for the Xerox corporation in Frisco, TX. When you think “owner”, do you picture a dominate goal setting individual who is focused on success?

Interestingly, as we did the human behavior quadrant breakout with the attendees, the percentages in each quadrant were no different than a general population breakout.  It is true, anyone’s personality type will allow them to be an owner because they can develop their weak areas.  Additionally, when the owner recognizes and understands their own weaknesses, they can hire  team members who possess personality strengths to compliment them.

This goes back to the “Good to Great” theory:  get the right people on the bus, and the wrong people off the bus.  But make sure you get the right people in the right seats on the bus.

It wasn’t all work in Texas.  My wife and I had the opportunity to spend the evening in a corporate suite with the Xerox team and enjoy the food, new friends and incredible desserts.


Life is about Learning: Scott trains on People Skills and Communication

Conference planners are always looking for quality content from their presenters , but many hope that the presenter can offer it in a way that will be interactive with the attendees. Here’s a clip from a recent presentation, where Scott had the 400+ attendees broken out by personality types around the room.  Hear it, see it and experience it are critical elements for an audience to retain what they learn.

Feedback is alsways good to receive and fun to share when positive.

In November Scott had the opportunity to present for the Texas School Safety Center’s School Administrators Safety Conference. Austin was a beautiful place to be that time of year.  300+ were inspired by Scott’s keynote “Family and Education is the CURE”.   Here are some of their comments below:

“Great energy, very interactive and engaging.”

“Very dynamic and informative.”

“I was very engaged in Scott’s presentation.  I looked forward to hearing him since I saw him present in 2009 during a workshop.  I thought then he was good, but today he was great!”


So what is the talent or gift you have been given?

Teaching and training is a gift I have been given. Every day that I have the opportunity to teach or train with a company, school system, organization or association, it fires me up even more.

Yesterday, I spent a couple sessions with the AR Realtors Association.  During my workshop “Are You Who You Think You Are”, we went in to depth on the model of human behavior.  The understanding  of what was  taught was amplified during the Q&A session at the end.  I enjoy hearing the attendees connecting the message to their reality of working with people.



Remember to keep Developing

A good friend of mine from KS once said, “I’d rather have ignorance on fire than knowledge on ice.” That simply means that he wanted to work with people who are hungry and excited to do something and want to get going now.  That is similar to the phrase “You can’t teach people to be hungry.”   You either are or you are not.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to train with a group that was hungry to learn and develop themselves.  The day you decide that you no longer have to get better, don’t worry, you won’t have to tell anyone around you that you made the decision.  It will show up in your attitude and how you treat others.

100_5107 100_5112 100_5113 100_5115

It’s good to get better as you get older(more seasoned).

Feedback is important to know if you are effective at what you set out to accomplish or if you need improvement. Even though I am just 6 months older, it was good to hear I taught better than last time.   Maybe I am aging gracefully.

“Thanks so much for being there yesterday.  You presentation was even better than last time.  I have heard so many good compliments.  You really meet the audience right where they need it.  Even more insightful for me this time than last.”   – Butch Scruggs, Director


Billings was a Beatiful City for a Conference

This was my first time to speak in Montana and Billings was a great destination. Enjoy this short clip after my conference.

On the Air with Birth 2 Work Radio

Birth2Work - logo

While I love working with teams training on human behavior and communication, you will learn that I am passionate about my work with schools and families.  In April 2010, I was conducting trainings for IL PTA Convention outside Chicago and I met Elaine Scott with Birth 2 Work.  After learning of each others efforts in regards to communities and schools we knew there was an immediate connection between our efforts.  Since that time, we have not only confirmed our theory, but are setting the stage to implement our programs in target markets.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to join Elaine and Rick Stephens on their radio show and discuss not only our efforts with Schools And Families Engaged (S.A.F.E. TEAM on Campus), but also the challenges facing school communities and families at large.

If you want to get a sense of my other passion, make time to listen online or download the mp3 to the program “We’ve all been shot: Are you ready for what is next? “

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