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School is Starting, Time to launch S.A.F.E. TEAM Programs!

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I invite you to checkout Schools and Families Engaged (the S.A.F.E. Team on Campus).  Tell someone you know about this program that supports family engagement and a safe-learning environment in every school so all students can achieve academic success.

Don’t worry, I don’t have to be the presenter at your school to launch the program.  If I do show up, I am sure camo will be my choice of color.

Development: the act or process of developing; growth; progress

So often, I am one of a few professional presenters when I am brought in to a conference or convention. (Professional = someone who gets paid)  Recently, I had the opportunity to be part of a slate of presenters at an association’s convention.  Not only did this association provide quality information to train and develop their attendees, it gave us as speakers the ability to learn and observe our peers.

It is rare that we have the opportunity listen to other speakers.  When you are the training/consulting company, the road can be lonely at times.  You fly in fly out within 24 hours.  The destination may have been luxurious, but all you see is the inside of your hotel room the first night, the podium and sound booth in the morning and you present later that day.  Most likely you are catching a flight out that night to your next destination.

Take advantage of learning something new by listening to the audio recordings from this conference on the Soar with Eagles site.

Breakout Sessions


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Latest Reference from a Happy Customer

Susana Bailey,V.P Assistant for Wal-Mart and IAAP Conference Chair (Annual Regional Conference)
Your presentation was the perfect mix of a serious business message, along with an  engaging, humorous  delivery.  As a host of the conference, it was really nice to enjoy a well prepared, yet spontaneous high energy session. Having attended one of your sessions previously, this once again was truly an enjoyable experience. Landing in the “personality section” that I was in, was right as rain! My personality shouts: “No worries – It will get done”! We hope to work with you again in the future. Thank you so much!


Sometimes it takes a little moving around to learn something new.

As the kind of person who does not sit still very well, I do enjoy presenting in a way that allows the audience to standup, move around and experience their learning. During this clip, you will hear me use the word selfish a couple of times.  The reason I focus on that word is so the audience realizes what they are hearing today is to make themselves better, NOT their spouse, co-workers, family, church members, etc.  Today is about them becoming better and more effective as a person.  Enjoy this clip from the Texas CERT conference.

We All have a Hand in Quality Conference

They came from near and far to attend the Rockline Industries “We All have a Hand in Quality” conference held in Northwest Arkansas. Associates from Wisconsin,  New Jersey, Arkansas and the United Kingdom were present at the conference.  Each of the associates was sharing best practices related to ideas that were implemented within their plant locations.  With a focus on quality and teamwork, Scott conducted an after lunch keynote to train on human behavior and communication.

For those who have heard Scott speak, you will hear his phrase often “People are what Life and Business are All about.”  It’s about the People.

While the conference focus was themed around “quality”, it is always a good time to teach individuals about themselves and how they are wired and the best way for them to communicate with others.  Since the associates were from different parts of the company and the globe, it was interesting for them to see the strengths in each of their personalities.

Enjoy this quick video of pics that were taken during the conference and the smiles that were shared.   Contact Scott to present for your next conference or convention.

Proud parents of an Eagle Scout

It skipped two generations, but the Eagle has landed once again in our family. My son, Hunter, achieved the rank on 12/31/10.  Here’s a video from this weekend as he gave his Eagle speech to the 90+ that attended his Court of Honor.  I wonder if he picked up a few skills from watching his dad.  (When watching the video, you will notice some sniffles that is his Uncle who has a head cold.)

The last Eagle in the family was 1933, Hunter’s Great Grandfather, Lyle “Bud” Manley.  Today, at 94 years old, he is very proud of his Great Grandson.

And here are the proud parents!!

hunter and parents

New Content Focused on Preparing Students for College and Career.

A week ago, Scott, and soon to be 20 of his best friends, met up in Cincinnati, OH for a weekend of training and certification with’s Making It Count organization. It was intense and fun to be with so many professional speakers.  As of Friday, Scott received the official word that he is certified to “Edutain” both of the high school programs: Making Your College Search Count (focused on Juniors in high school) and Making your College and Career Count (focused on Seniors in high school).  The 40 min. presentations are content rich and very effective for the students.  Guidance Counselors and Administration will see the immediate impact from the content.  Go to Making It Count to read the story about the founder.

If you are interested in having these presentations delivered to your student body, contact Making It Count to register.  There is NO cost to the students or the school.  It is presented for FREE.


It’s About Family!! The important role of mom and dad.

Who are the mentors in your life? (Live clip of Scott)

What’s your excuse for not achieving your potential?

I guess I can thank God for wiring me to have a positive outlook on my life or that I accept the timeline/journey He has for my life. Then again, maybe I just choose to live this way.  Whatever the reason, I am inspired by many and it usually comes through written word, a movie or verbal story.  Make time to read about Zach Lipson “Perseverance Pays Off for Student Manager“.  So what’s your excuse for not achieving?  Are you over it yet?

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