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How Valuable is it to be part of a Professional Association?

Last week I had the opportunity to train a workshop and keynote for the International Association of Administrative Professionals regional conference for OK and AR. Many of these individuals are executive assistants to top leaders in their companies.  In my own mind, I try to think about the challenges they face on a daily basis, not only working with their individual manager(boss), but several of the attendees were the only administrator within a whole department at a corporation.  Can you imagine the types of individuals and personalities they learn to deal with on a daily basis?  I don’t know for sure, but I am curious how much training is offered for administrative support teams to excel and reach their full potential?

I heard some excellent stories during both of my sessions, but my most memorable time was during my keynote as we played a round of the Family Feud.  It is always fun to watch the competition come out amongst teams.  What I realized during my 2-3 hours at the conference, is these members had a camaraderie due to their professional experiences.  When you mention like-minded individuals, this association (like most) is targeted.  This allows for the attendees and members to learn from and discuss real-time topics to support each other.

So what associations should I be more involved with to become better?  Which ones should you not only join, but become an active member to grow and develop in your role?


How is your Team built?

So what is the model of human behavior for the individuals on your team? That may depend on the roles and responsibilities of the team you have in place.  Recently, Scott conducted a training session in TX for Document Solutions Inc., an authorized Xerox agency.  Within this company, 70% of the team tested out as the great personality type of “D” Dominate (on the DISC personality profile).  They are both Outgoing and Task oriented.

When you think about their roles, you may not be surprised at the percentage rate.  While in society, only 10% of the average population is a Dominate type, certain roles/positions may attract and require this asset to be successful.  In this case, the largest portion of this team were territory/direct sales representatives.  In essence, they ran their own companies within the company.  To be able to achieve your goals in this position, you need to have a determined focus to stay on task and go for it!

So can people who are NOT “D” personality types also be successful?  Absolutely.  But the role you accept may require you to change and grow to develop a little more “D” in you to achieve your targets.

doc solutions

Effective Leaders Communicate Effectively

Arkansas PTA had Scott keynote for their convention in April. For many volunteer-based organizations, they like to offer professional trainers to support their leaders.  The goal is to increase their skill levels to be more effective communicators.

Highlight video of Training in TX

We had the opportunity to capture some of the moments during the training in TX last week. Energy, passion, fun, thought provoking, specifics, team building, etc.  You name it, we did it.

Life is about Learning: Scott trains on People Skills and Communication

Conference planners are always looking for quality content from their presenters , but many hope that the presenter can offer it in a way that will be interactive with the attendees. Here’s a clip from a recent presentation, where Scott had the 400+ attendees broken out by personality types around the room.  Hear it, see it and experience it are critical elements for an audience to retain what they learn.

Who are the mentors in your life? (Live clip of Scott)

If you think you are in a tough sales market, try real estate.

Imagine the challenges facing the full-time, business owner focused real estate agent/broker. I don’t know if these are the toughest times ever, but there are definitely some challenges out there.  When faced with adversity, do you get bitter or get better?  My one day with the AR Realtors Association was an experience of working with a team of people who are striving to become the best in their field and be known as the best.  With many associations facing membership challenges, know that those who are actively engaged in these association continue to be the ones with a vision for the future.  Below is a comment from one of the attendees:

“I very much enjoyed your class and felt that the personality analysis was dead on! That exercise would be a perfect team building exercise for any employer or association to perform in teaching them how to structure manpower to best suit the effectiveness in their business. Looking forward to going to your website to see what other interesting exercises you have. Thanks for being a participant in our convention and look forward to seeing you there again sometime!”

Bill Olson, Zone 1 Board of Director, Arkansas Realtors Association (Annual Conference)


When was the last time you upgraded?

Okay, I don’t mean you personally or your computer technology.  But how about your business card?

I remember reading the book You, Inc.  As a person you are your own corporation.  You make the decision on the type of product you provide as a person and how marketable you are.  With my new site updated, I thought I would do a quick upgrade to my business card also.  My old card reflected my theme of “Time to Share” which I utilize throughout my keynotes.  I have gone with the “Checkered Flag” theme (not for my southern NASCAR fans) based on my closing quote when working with individuals and teams, “Focus and Finish Your Race”.  No one can do it for you.

bus cardIt was good to upgrade the card with the title, phone number, email, skype id, etc.

vista logo Thank you Vista Print for a simple to use service.  I will add them to my Links page under a new category called Paid Sites/Software.


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