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How are you Wired?

Here’s a great collection of pics from the IL PTA State Convention.  What a fun group to train on communication and human behavior.

ilpta disc

Do You Want Creative Students?

Over the weekend, after keynoting for Indiana PTA and sharing my early years education experience, an attendee came up and handed me the following insight:

Creativity, when teachers were surveyed:  “Do you want creative students?”  They responded, “Yes”.  “Do you want students that have all the traits that add up to creativity?”  They responded, “No”. It then said, “Scott’s high school years are the description of a creative kid.”  And today I have the opportunity to share about the value of family and education. How ironic!!



A Talent I Do Not Have

I can still draw the same cartoon face that I did when I was in 5th grade but I never progressed in my sketching talent.  At the CO PTA state convention, one of the member’s sons was at the after party free-sketching protraits.  I very much appreciate the chiseled chin and slimming features he provided me.  And “Yes”, I still had on the camo paint for the protrait.


What else do You do?

Every now and then I am asked, “What else do you do?” I am a firm believer that you have to do more than just be a speaker/presenter so that you have stories to tell and life experiences to share.  While many speakers run their own companies, it is still critical to be actively involved in a business/organization to keep you on your toes about the challenges facing people within those types of environments.  If you are a lone wolf, it is hard to see reality even if you are an active reader and expect that to be your experience.

Outside of presenting on various topics, I also lead an organization called Schools And Families Engaged (S.A.F.E TEAM on Campus).  The  mission is to support family engagement and a safe-learning environment in every school so all students can achieve academic success.  In 1998, I simply volunteered at my son’s elementary school for one day and realized the value and need of my role and the role of other fathers and families in students’ lives.  While a school shooting tragedy started me volunteering on campus, my passion to improve school safety has  put me on a path I never expected to walk.

campus safety

As of  last week, I was published in Campus Safety magazine with an article titled, “Adopting Appropriate Policies for Screening Volunteers”.  The sad part is, we live in a different world than when I grew up and because of this, we must proceed with caution.  The one-liner I always share in regard to visitors and volunteers on school campuses is, “no one gets near our children unless we know who and why they are there.”   I don’t say this to scare anyone, but to impress upon them to be vigilant in regards to school safety.


Please share the article with school and parent group leadership.  Start a S.A.F.E TEAM program in your student’s K-12 school.

Passionate about Public Education

Since having children, I have learned the value of public education and the difficulties associated with a quality education being available to all American citizens. There’s a new documentary out called “Waiting for Superman” and talks about the lottery system within some charter school cities.  The blog post I want you to read is by an educator talking about all the challenges faced by many public schools.

So often, we live in the world we know and can’t see the need of others or the “real” challenges they face daily.

1.  Be thankful if you do not face daily challenges of abuse (physical, substance, etc.), have transportation, food on the table, etc.

2.  Understand that children do not have control over their circumstances and if we want to build a great nation, ALL our children need to have the opportunity to grow and develop in a healthy environment and culture.

3.  My organization Schools And Families Engaged (S.A.F.E. TEAM on Campus) believes in the following for students to graduate: Attendance, Attachment, Achievement and Attainment.

Dear Ms. Winfrey blog post

Want to hear Scott’s presentation style without having to look at him?

Listen to the recorded webinar conducted for a school-based association on how to develop/market membership. Even through audio only,  Scott is asked to inspire individuals and teams to perform at their highest level.  Skip to 5:15 on the audio file to hear some of Scott’s content.

How can Scott help communicate your message to your company or organization?

Is it called bragging if I share a quote from a recent client?

Oklahoma PTA loves Scott Huse of S.A.F.E. TEAM.  He is truly an inspiration to everyone. Especially to the Dads, giving them guidance on how they can become involved in their Children’s lives thru PTA and other school activities.   Comments made by attendees of Scott’s workshop:  “He is Awesome!”, “Best Workshop I’ve ever attended”, “This Guy is amazing!”, “Great Presentation – speaker well informed and energetic”, “Loved it, learned a lot”

Brenda Heigl, VP Leadership Development, Oklahoma PTA (Annual Convention)

Oklahoma PTA

Contagious can be a Good thing.

For the last several years, I have presented for the CA State PTA Convention. It is one of the largest conventions nationally for the PTA.   As a workshop presenter, the attendees are very focused on learning and hungry to go back to their schools and utilize their new knowledge.  Tom and I have presented together for two years focused on engaging more men in schools.  I appreciate him sharing that my attitude and energy are contagious.

“Scott engages the audience. He captures their attention and holds it. His enthusiasm is contageous.”  -Tom Horn, California State PTA (Annual Convention)


Convention in Tulsa

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I had a great opportunity to keynote for the Oklahoma PTA Convention over the weekend. The challenge for any presenter is to see if you can connect with the audience.  During my talk, “It’s About the Story”, many of the attendees were able to visualize the teams they work with and the relationships they currently hold so closely.  Along the way, they did a little discovery about themselves to allow them to communicate more effectively.   The pictures above are from the keynote and one of my breakout sessions where we presented the S.A.F.E. TEAM program.

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