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If you think you are in a tough sales market, try real estate.

Imagine the challenges facing the full-time, business owner focused real estate agent/broker. I don’t know if these are the toughest times ever, but there are definitely some challenges out there.  When faced with adversity, do you get bitter or get better?  My one day with the AR Realtors Association was an experience of working with a team of people who are striving to become the best in their field and be known as the best.  With many associations facing membership challenges, know that those who are actively engaged in these association continue to be the ones with a vision for the future.  Below is a comment from one of the attendees:

“I very much enjoyed your class and felt that the personality analysis was dead on! That exercise would be a perfect team building exercise for any employer or association to perform in teaching them how to structure manpower to best suit the effectiveness in their business. Looking forward to going to your website to see what other interesting exercises you have. Thanks for being a participant in our convention and look forward to seeing you there again sometime!”

Bill Olson, Zone 1 Board of Director, Arkansas Realtors Association (Annual Conference)


Do you live it or just talk about it?

12 years ago, I got started back in school after a school shooting tragedy. 7 yrs later after volunteering and learning, I got to lead that organization that helped me see the vision to participate in my children’s education.  All that experience provided a vision for the next level of program to increase family engagement and school safety. The difference is there are some who simply talk about it, and then there are those who still do it and live in the trenches to keep learning and improving.  Promoting is when you believe in something and most likely you are actively engaged in the process/program. Ask those who are selling/promoting about their personal activity in regards to what they are asking you to do. If they aren’t investing time/money doing it, do they really believe in it?  Talk is cheap.  Action is everything.

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