Through my volunteerism with the Boy Scouts, I met a communications professor at the University of Arkansas.  Together we taught the Communications merit badge back in March.  During those 8 hours of teaching we had a chance to talk and learned that we shared a faith in Christ.  She asked me if I would be willing to teach and share for her sons’ youth group.  I agreed and last week, my son and I participated and had an incredible night of praise and worship with this faith-filled group of young people 15-22 years old.  I wish you could have been there to watch young people who do not judge others come together and worship.  It was AWESOME!!  Here’s the pic and Facebook post after that night.

“Scott Huse and Hunter Huse came out to youth group tonight and WOW what a treat! Scott challenged us with the words in Philippians: Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. He asked us to look at our gifts and our struggles.”