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Primary and Mid-Term Elections: What a privilege it is to vote as a citizen of the USA.

Since I turned 18, I do not remember an election I did not vote in regarding my community, state or nation.  History was never a subject I enjoyed in school but through life and work experiences I have learned to appreciate the value of voting.  To be a citizen is a great responsibility.  You have the ability to determine the vision of your community.

This is my first year to ever take an active role in politics.  Monthly I attend our small city’s council meeting to learn and ask questions.  I have found a candidate for governor that I believe in and trust he will move the State of Arkansas in the right direction.  The Constitution of the USA and personal responsibility are core principles that must be maintained for our nation to be what the founders meant for it to be.

There will never be a perfect candidate, but it is time we had representatives at all levels for the people and not for themselves.  I think that the light of accountability will be even stronger in the coming years.


School is Starting, Time to launch S.A.F.E. TEAM Programs!

camo face 1

I invite you to checkout Schools and Families Engaged (the S.A.F.E. Team on Campus).  Tell someone you know about this program that supports family engagement and a safe-learning environment in every school so all students can achieve academic success.

Don’t worry, I don’t have to be the presenter at your school to launch the program.  If I do show up, I am sure camo will be my choice of color.

This Is What Success Looks Like

Here’s a pic (not all are pictured) of our graduating Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class. Since we started the class 9 weeks ago, here are some stats:

1. Over $160k in credit card offers by mail have been declined and shredded.
2. $78k in debt has been paid off so far.
3. 15 credit card accounts were closed and chopped up during our class. :o)
4. An additional $35k is accessible in savings.

Which Baby Step are you on?

“Live like no one else so you can some day live and give like no one else.” – Dave Ramsey


How Long have You Served Others?

For the last 15 years, I have volunteered at my church’s K-2 elementary ministry by teaching and leading worship for the children. As the vision has grown for different ways to teach about God’s love for us, 4-6 week themes are utilized to engage the children/students. This is another one of the stage sets and costumes we are utilizing to kick off the year.    To bad my wife wasn’t there to see me in uniform. I need to bring it home and wear it while I watch Armageddon.  Maybe I need costumes when I am on the road speaking.


Do You Want Creative Students?

Over the weekend, after keynoting for Indiana PTA and sharing my early years education experience, an attendee came up and handed me the following insight:

Creativity, when teachers were surveyed:  “Do you want creative students?”  They responded, “Yes”.  “Do you want students that have all the traits that add up to creativity?”  They responded, “No”. It then said, “Scott’s high school years are the description of a creative kid.”  And today I have the opportunity to share about the value of family and education. How ironic!!



Your presentation was what everyone was raving about every chance they could!

Julie Martinez, Texas Citizen Corps Manager, Annual Texas Unites Conference

“I had seen you speak at another conference and personally asked to get you to our conference. I wanted my attendees to experience firsthand what a true professional presenter was about. You sir, have set the bar way high for future conferences.

I only wish I could have personally stayed in the room to see what all the hoopla was about. I kid you not, attendees took every opportunity to tell me about how your session was by far the best they had been to at any conference. I would definitely love to have you come to every conference and wow them all the same.”

txcitizen corp

Remember: You don’t lead Things, You lead People!

txcertspkcropAfter my personal experience volunteering in Joplin recently and realizing the enormity of the situation and the organization it takes to coordinate the total effort during an emergency response, I had a new perspective for speaking at the 2011 Texas Unites Conference in Austin, Texas. During my time there, I met people both volunteer and paid staff leaders.  There is no doubt that these individuals are passionate to help others prepare for any type of emergency, but the challenge is for citizens to head to the education being provided.

Our time together was spent talking about effective communication to support their efforts in leadership.  The reality of there work is comprised of individuals and teams coming together.  But also, most of their effort is communicating preparation and not always first response to disasters, so effective communication is priority one.  Our time together went by too quickly.

While at the conference, I picked up one interesting nugget I hadn’t thought of before.  During a tornado warning, you want to be in a window free centered room and if possible, you shelterwant to hold on to something that is anchored to the floor.  There are not many items that fit this description for being anchored, but a toilet is.  It is anchored to bolts in the concrete on your lowest level.  What else could you hold on to that is anchored in concrete in your home?

After the Joplin tornado May 22nd, the weather patterns were still causing havoc in the Midwest.  I have provided a picture of my daughter, Ragan, and me camped out in the bathroom with our safety headgear on.  My three children had the strapped on helmets.  All that was left for me was the Pig Sooie foam hat.

Have a plan for your family and be prepared for an emergency situation.


Do you live it or just talk about it?

12 years ago, I got started back in school after a school shooting tragedy. 7 yrs later after volunteering and learning, I got to lead that organization that helped me see the vision to participate in my children’s education.  All that experience provided a vision for the next level of program to increase family engagement and school safety. The difference is there are some who simply talk about it, and then there are those who still do it and live in the trenches to keep learning and improving.  Promoting is when you believe in something and most likely you are actively engaged in the process/program. Ask those who are selling/promoting about their personal activity in regards to what they are asking you to do. If they aren’t investing time/money doing it, do they really believe in it?  Talk is cheap.  Action is everything.

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