Please review the topics below to decide which subject would best support your team’s needs.

Corporate Inspiration: Go Make a Difference! 1 hour – 1.5 hour program 

msstarfishOrganizations strive to have the best people on their teams. As individuals, do they understand each other’s personalities? What are their goals for the company and themselves? Do they desire to develop personally? People are looking to make their mark in this life but many have lost their focus and passion. The goal of “Go Make a Difference!” is to inspire your team to stretch themselves to become great.

Worksheet Resource:dimproj



Corporate and Education Training: Communication and People Skills “Are you who you think you are?” 45 min. – 3 hour 


If People are what Life and Business are all about, then our challenge is to improve our people skills. As a consultant with Personality Insights, Scott will encourage your team to be more effective with others by learning their personality strengths and opportunities. Have fun with your associates and staff members together during this presentation of discovery. Then apply this knowledge to communicate more effectively with your team, family and relationships.

Worksheet or Workbook Resource: funsheet funbook



Corporate and Education Training: Team @ Work 1.5 hour – 3 hour presentation

teamatworkThe most extensive tool in Team building Now! • Learn the strengths of each member • Understand TEAM Dynamics • Discover your personality Chart • Identify Personality clues • Visualize your TEAM Composite and much more…

Workbook Resource: teamatworkbook



Corporate and Education Training: Time Tips for All Types of People 1.5 hour presentation

timetipsWB“He who masters his time, masters life!” Learn the strengths of each personality style. Find out about: • Attitudes towards time • Setting priorities • How each personality uses their time to analyze things • Purpose: Setting and focusing on goals • Expectations regarding being on time • Time as relates to planning and much more.

Workbook Resource: time-tips



Corporate and Education Training: Follow-up topics for individuals or groups.  1 hour – full day sessions

Worksheet Resources:pisecretssuccesspipresentpishowingtoclosepiselling




Corporate Training: 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires Half day seminar

Self Made Million Without implementing the principles of success, the money will not follow. Increase productivity and commitment. Develop a focused team and ignite the fire within. Set the goal to implement this seminar to move your team forward. This seminar is ideal for sales and marketing teams, business owners, managers, agents, brokers and anyone striving to become better.




Book Resource: One copy



Male Focused and/or Faith-Based Inspiration: Meet the Expectation “Earn This!” 30 min. – 1 hour presentation

earn thisWhen challenged, most individuals will step up and meet the expectation. As Scott led one of the largest school-based father programs in the country, he developed a message that not only engaged the men, but challenged them to do more for their family. By following his faith, Scott has taken this message to churches and men’s group to inspire them on conducting themselves in a manner that is worthy of the gospel. Meet the Expectation follows a similar theme as in the movie Saving Private Ryan’s famous quote, “Earn This”

Worksheet Resource: earnthiswrksht



Education Training: Myth Busters: Schools And Families Engaged “the Right Combination for Education” 45 min – 1.5 hour presentation

COMBO_SpeakingTwo myths: 1. Every father and family member is involved.  2. It will never happen on our campus.  Participate in this interactive workshop focused on ALL communities, ALL grade levels and ALL types of families.  What does academic success mean in your school community?  What roles do active family engagement and safe-learning environments have in achieving success.  The S.A.F.E. TEAM program is making a positive impact during the school day and at school-related events.  Visit the S.A.F.E TEAM site.

Worsheet Resources: plist 40dev valuesafeteam


Education Training: Power of Presence “the missing link within safe school plans” 45 min. – 1 hour presentation

safeteampresenceAs schools, districts and states develop School Security and Emergency Preparedness Plans, the community stakeholders integrate the components of staff training, technology equipment/communication and campus architecture/design. Beyond formally trained School Resource Officers (SROs) being utilized as educators, counselors and law enforcement, there is a need for the visible presence of adult volunteers to supervise the campus before, during, and after school. Engage the school community to actively participate on each campus. Any School violence is Community violence.



Education Training: Family Engagement / Parental Involvement “the other 50% of education” 1 – 2 hour presentation

familySchools and Families engaging to support and achieve common goals, is this a dream or reality? Do your school’s faculty and staff believe that the other 50% of education comes from the student’s family? As an engaged parent in the lives of his children, Scott understands the commitment needed from the home to support academic success. He doesn’t just talk about it, he implements programs across the country to help families get started. Imagine a nation with families who are personally responsible to parent and raise a generation of children to be educated and productive adult citizens. The leaders of this movement to reengage the family will not have a specific skin color, religion, culture or education degree, they will have the passion knowing that Family and Education is the Cure.



Education Inpiration: Someone Asked (Scott’s personal story) 30 min. – 1 hour presentation

wddadEach of us has a timeline in our life and a story to tell. Some chapters are happy, some sad, some tragic but all of them are a part of who we are. Along the way, we fail often and then learn how to succeed. The right and wrong people come in to our lives and each of them becomes part of our story. Imagine if you missed that moment in time when one of those people asked you to commit to something they believed in. Where would you be now?





Education Inspiration: Even your C, D, and F students want to say, “Thank You.” 1 – 1.5 hour presentation 

freportcrdThis is a unique opportunity for Scott to relate to your audience of administrators, faculty, and staff. As a below average student through high school, Scott will help to focus your team on finding hope and potential within your students by creating positive relationships with them. Scott strives to energize and renew your team’s spirit for positively impacting the youth of America.





Education Inspiration:The Autism Spectrum / Diagnosis to Graduation: Teamwork for Special Needs 1 – 1.5 hours presentation 

autismawareScott’s 19 year old son, Hunter, was diagnosed with Aspergers when he was 4 years old. The first question he and his wife asked, “Now what?” The blessing for their family and Hunter was an incredible resource team of teachers committed to provide vision and goals to his parents for what Hunter will be able to accomplish in his life. Together, Scott and Hunter know first hand the challenges and rewards faced raising a child with Aspergers. Inspire your team through real life stories and lessons learned. Who needs to be renewed and refreshed by Scott and Hunter’s side by side presentation? Parents, Faculty and exhausted Special Needs and Resource Teachers.

hunter and parents

1st Doc:  AR Spec Educ 2005 article 2nd Doc: Student Resume by Parents 3rd Doc: Scheduling Plan